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(Date: Fri Nov 3, 2006 2:19 pm (PST))

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Intelligence profile : Denmark


Once the seat of Viking raiders and later a major north European power, Denmark has evolved into a modern, prosperous nation that is participating in the general political and economic integration of Europe. It joined NATO in 1949 and the EEC (now the EU) in 1973. However, the country has opted out of certain elements of the European Union's Maastricht Treaty, including the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), European defense cooperation, and issues concerning certain justice and home affairs.


Country name : Kongeriget Danmark (Kingdom of Denmark)
Short name : Danmark (Denmark)
Capital : Kobenhavn (Copenhagen)
Administrative divisions:
Metropolitan Denmark   14 counties (amter) Arhus, Bornholm, Frederiksborg, Fyn, Kobenhavn, Nordjylland, Ribe, Ringkobing, Roskilde, Sonderjylland, Storstrom, Vejle, Vestsjalland, Viborg and 2 boroughs (amtskommuner); Frederiksberg andKobenhavn (Copenhagen).

Note: as a result of an extensive 2005 local government reform the 14 counties will be reorganized into five regions in 2007.

Military / Security

National commissioner's office

The National Commissioner’s Office is in charge of the police allocations and administers the police personnel, office staffing and building maintenance. The administration of the legal personnel of the police is the responsibility of the Department of the Ministry of Justice.

The National Commissioner’s Office is headed by the National Commissioner. The organisational structure of the National Commissioner’s Office covers a number of principal departments, several of which have operational functions and provide assistance to the police districts. The National Commissioner’s Office comprises the following departments:

Politiets efterretigstjenestre - PET

I found the following description of PET's tasks on it's website:

"In its capacity as the national security and intelligence service of Denmark, PET must prevent, investigate and counter operations and activities that pose or may pose a threat to the preservation of Denmark as a free, democratic and safe country. Therefore the main objective of the Service is to counter and fight threats against the national security and the safety of the population."

PET is Department G of the National Commissioner's Office and is part of the Danish Police Force. Tasks include internal security, counter espionage and antiterrorism activities. Besides an alleged relationship with the Mossad the PET are said to control a network of intelligence groups of right-wing political parties. PET is also known as Danish Security Intelligence Service (DSIS)

Forsvarets efterretigstjenestre - FET

On it's website FET's tasks are described as follows:

"Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DDIS) is Denmark’s foreign intelligence service. We are also Denmark’s military intelligence service. We collect, analyse, and disseminate information concerning conditions abroad which are of importance to Denmark’s security, and to the security of Danish military units deployed on international missions. Intelligence activities include collection of information of political, financial, scientific, and military interest. It also includes international terrorism, extremists, international arms trafficking, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. We collect information via "closed" and open sources. "Closed" sources include electronic intelligence (SIGINT), human intelligence (HUMINT), and bilateral co-operation with a wide range of other intelligence services. Open sources include newspapers, journals, TV, and the Internet. Moreover, we direct and control the military security, both for installations and units in Denmark and for units, ships and aircraft deployed on international missions abroad."

The FET is said to jointly operate a SIGINT station in Sandagergard on Amager Island with the NSA. Other locations that has or had SIGINT listening stations include Aflandshage, Gedser, Hjorring, Logumkloster, and Almindingen, Dueodde on the island of Bornholm


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