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(Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 13:37:02 +0100 CET)

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ENIGMA control list (updated 20 December 1998)


E English language
G German language
S Slavic languages
V Various languages
M Morse and RTTY stations
X Various modes


*) not active

E18 is not that extinct. It has been heard on 7840 kHz in LSB on the 13th and 14th of May 1999.
  Code Brief description Family
E01 Ready Ready YL/EE VII
* E02 <deleted>  
  E03 Lincolnshire Poacher YL/EE X
E04 Cherry Ripe YL/EE X
E05 Counting Station YL/EE II
E05a Counting Station '383' null skeds II
E06 English Man OM/EE 00000 Ia
E06a English Man 2 group commencing with stutter group Ia
E06b English Man 3FG id with 5FG group in call, 2 msgs Ia
E07 English Man OM/EE 000 000 Ib
* E08 <deleted>  
  E09 Magnetic Fields YL/EE 44D XII
E10 Phonetic Alphabet Station YL  
E10a VLB2 etc. variant YL  
E11 Oblique YL/EE III
* E13 5 Dashes YL/EE V
* E14 Count Control YL/EE II
  E15 Nancy Adam Susan YL+OM  
E16 2 Letter YL/EE BND VI
E17 English Lady. 274 00000 YL/EE Ia
E17a English Lady. Dual message Ia
* E18 Fife Free YL/EE XV
* E19 <deleted>  
  E20 English Lady. Dual msg format of E17 or E6 YL/EE Ia
* E21 4F Counting Station YL/EE II
* E21a American accent II
  E22 Arabic Man 2L/F (FD7, FD9)  
E23 3 messages per month 100/100/50GC XI
E24 'Allo allo'  

* G01 Tyrolean Music Station YL+OM/GG XVII
* G01a Irregular tunes XVII
* G01b Phrases and irregular tunes XVII
* G02 Swedish Rhapsody YL/GG XI
* G02a Counting in call XI
* G03 The Gong Station YL/GG XVII
  G04 3-Note Oddity YL/GG XIII
* G05 Counting Station YL/EE (using 'zwo') II
* G05a Using 'zwei' II
  G06 German Lady 00000 YL/GG Ia
G07 German Lady 000 000 YL/GG Ib
* G08 Four Note Rising Scale YL/GG XVII
* G08a 4-Note. Single repeated 5FG & morse A's XVII
* G08b 4-Note. Rapid dots tuning signal XVII
* G09 Saxophone Piece YL/GG  
* G10 Bert Kaempfert YL/GG III
  G11 Strich YL/GG III
* G13 5 Dashes YL/GG V
  G13A 5-Dashes. 3/2 grouping V
* G13a 5 Dashes. 3/2 grouping V
* G14 DFC37/DFD21 YL/GG VI
* G15 Papa November YL/GG VI
  G15A Call read out over continuous notes VI
* G15A Papa November. Call read out over continuous notes VI
  G16 2 Letter Station YL/GG VI
* G17 German Lady on 5420 kHz YL/GG Ib
* G18 8 Note Rising and Falling IXa
  G19 German Man 00000 OM/GG (G01 voice) Ia
* G20 Spruchnummer OM/GG (various tunes)  
* G20a Spruchnummer. Repeating single fig group  
* G21 Music and Morse letter  
* G22 Edna Sednitser YL/GG XV
* G23 2M8 Hitler's Birthday  

* S01 Aida VII
  S02 Drums and Trumpets VII
S02a S02 with bugle VII
S02b See X1 VII
S02c 3FG Nomer VII
S02d 5FG Nomer VII
* S03 Czech Words OKNO OKNO  
* S04 Edna Sednitzer. Ends with 000 XV
* S05 OLX null messages IXb
  S05a Rapid dots. No callsign (ex S15) IXb
S05b OLX. No null messages (ex S16) IXb
S06 Russian Man 00000 OM/RR Ia
S06a Russian Man. 55555 00000 idler Ia
S06b Russian Man. Two group (commencing with stuter gr) Ia
S06b Russian Man. Two group (commencing with stuter gr) Ia
S06c Russian Man. Repeating single group Ia
S06d Russian Man. Id + 111 call Ia
S06e Russian Man. Two messages Ia
S07 Russian Man 000 000 OM/RR Ib
S07a Russian Man. Multiple two group Ib
S07b Russian Man. Multiple single group using same id Ib
S08 Russian. YT (YL) VIII
* S09 Polish Counting  
* S10 Czech Lady. Piano piece. Later 5 note intro IXa
  S10a Czech. 555 idler IXa
S10b Czech. 5-note tuning signal IXa
S10c Czech. 3f id with idler IXa
S10d Czech. 3f id IXa
S10e Czech. 5f(3x) GC(3x) in call IXa
* S11 Presta III
  S12 <deleted> now S11a  
S13 Russian Counting. 2 minute transmission  
S14 Russian Counting. Long transmissions  
* S15 <deleted> now S05a  
  S16 <deleted> now S05b  
S17 Czech Lady Control IXc
S17a Czech Lady control. No circuit etc. IXc
S17b Czech Lady control. 01 group count IXc
S17c Czech Lady control. 313-5FG (05 GC) IXc
* S18 Czech Man 3F 5F IXc
* S19 Czech Man. 000 or 888-018 S17C type IXc
* S20 Aifada  
  S21 Russian Lady 342 etc. XIV
S22 <deleted>  
S23 <deleted> was Barbara  
S24 <deleted>  
S25 Russian Man Control. Standard 40 min transmission Ia
S25a Russian Man. Stutter groups. Long transmissions Ia
S25b Russian Man. S25 with long messages Ia
S25c Russian Man. 615 single group (14720 kHz) Ia
* S26 Polish. 'Zyt Zyt' (Hush hush) III
  S27 Czech Lady 2. M1C variant XIV
S27a Czech Lady 2. With messages XIV
S28 Buzzer, ex-XB  
S29 Ends with 'konec konec" AAAA IXc

* V01 Rumanian Skylark OM/RU XVI
  V01a Skylark with additional tune XVI
V02 Spanish Lady 2 finals 3 finals XVIII
V02a Spanish. Attencion. 150/150/150 GC XVIII
V03 <deleted>  
V04 <deleted>  
V05 Spanish counting 3/2f II
V05a Spanish. 4FG II
V06 Spanish Lady 00000 Ia
V07 Spanish Man 000 000 Ib
V08 Eastern Music Arabic XII
V09 Chinese???  
* V10 Spanish. 'Stop Schlosst'  
* V10a Spanish. Two group idler  
  V11 <deleted>  
* V12 French. NNN YL IV
  V13 New Star Broadcasting  
* V14 Spanish. Count Control YL II
  V15 Korean via Radio Pyongyang  
V16 Chinese 11028 kHz  
V17 Rumanian 3F 000 Ib or XVI
* V18 Hungarian. NNN IV
* V19 Spanish. WTR21. Don't cry for me Argentina  
  V20 Spanish. Bored Man (related to V19?)  
V21 Spanish. Babbler  
V22 Chinese 2  

  M01 A-network. 2 tone hand-keyed XIV
M01a End of the month transmission XIV
M01b As M01A but with message XIV
M01c Non-scheduled M01 XIV
M02 Ends AR Long Zero IV
M03 / Ends ==000 III
M03a Sends triplets III
M04 LOLO Long Zero XI
* M05 6 Fig 000000 Long Zero  
* M06 OLX IXb
  M06A Sends triplets III
M06a Rapid dots tuning signal IXb
M07 Formerly Rapid Dashes MCW ends 000 + TS IXa
M08 Cut Numbers. Ends AR AR AR SK SK SK XVIII
M08a Cut Numbers. 3 msgs each 150 groups XVIII
M08b Cut Numbers. 'de ...' callup XVIII
* M09 <deleted>  
  M10 Former Rapid Dashes. 5FG ends with = = 2FG GC 000 IXa
M10a Triplet 000 IXa
M10b Additional groups. Triplet 000 IXa
M10c 5FG addressees IXa
M10d Hand-keyed no ending IXa
M10e 5FG addressees. Group count x3 IXa
* M11 <deleted>  
  M12 5FG. Ends with 000 000 Ib
M13 5FG. Ends 3 long dashes XV
M13a Call (triplet) x3 XV
M14 Ends 00000 or 5 long dashes Ia
M14a Dual message (same id) Ia
M14b Dual message (2nd hand sent) Ia
* M15 DEA 47 VI
  M16 8BY XIX
M17 MCW ends VA VII
M18 4 fig pseudo time signal  
* M19 MPL  
  M20 V ends == 000  
M21 ????? 14 fig msgs  
M22 4XZ  
M23 Odd/Even Many Variants (all long zero)  
M24 Ends 5 long dashes (= M14)  
M25 KKN KRH KWS series  
M26 98 (see also M34)  
M28 HEP  
M29 VDE ends AR XIII
M29a No preamble XIII
M29b Extended preamble XIII
* M30 <deleted>  
* M31 <deleted> was FDY etc.  
  M32 Numerous 4 character nets  
M33 P8K Long Zero XIX
M34 11 12345 2fig IDs. No ending  
* M35 <deleted>  
* M36 <deleted>  
* M37 <deleted>  
* M38 <deleted>  
  M39 3 fig IDs + 4 elements of 5 fig. IXc
M40 5FG. Msg begins with AR AR SK SK VIII?
M40a ex M53 VIII?
  M42 FAPSI  
M43 6XM8/C37A group  
M44 Continuous Roman letters  
M45 5FG. Msgs ends with 3FG GC 000 (S21 in CW) XIV
M46 3 fig cumulative  
M47 = NNNN AR = = = = =  
* M48 Skylark/Ciocirlia Morse XVI
* M49 AAAAA (G08A in CW) XVII
  M50 Same as M01 but inconsistant XIV
M51 100x 5L groups + time marker XIX
M52 2 fig: or 6 fig:  
M53 VVV CQ 747.922 ends '= = AR AR VA VA' (now M40A) VIII?
M54 V89T (only null format known)  
M55 3F (6x) 000 000 Long zero, null format only  
M56 F:5FG. Long zero  
M57 === === === === MIM ITI ITI ITI 2FG R  
M58 4FG = = 4FG = = etc R  
M59 4L1F callsigns  
M60 556Q  
M61 (CFGE6CFGE6CFGE6 etc) R  
M63 A2A XVI?
M64 = 3FG 3FG = 11111 5FG AR  
M65 5FG = = QRU QRU SK SK  
M66 631 01110 for 17 mins on 6860 kHz at 2000 UTC
M67 ends 0000, poss. Turkish (cut AUV4E6BNDT)  
M67a M67 variant, 3F 2F 7777  
M69 5FG = AR  
M70 (/year, cumulative)  
M71 K88  
M72 4FG Long zero's II
M73 3 long tones. 5FG (cut AUV4E6BDNT)  
M74 3FG 4FG 4FG 4FG 4FG 4FG  
M75 Call: 3FG (x3) DK/GC DK/GC (R10)  
M76 ABCD de EFGH QTC xx xx = 5FG 3607X RRRRR 201XX NNN  
MX Single letter transmissions  

* X01 Bugle VII
  X06 Six notes Ic
X21 21-note plaintive melody (2 variants)  
XB Buzzer (see also S28)  
XC Crackle  
XD Fast ICW dots (3595 kHz)  
XE Echo/dash  
XF Faders  
XM Backward Music / whales  
XP Polytone Ib
XPH Polytone High Pitch Ib
XPL Polytone Low Pitch Ib
XQ Plaintive mew  
XS Saw/Whine  
XT Pip on 3757 or 5450 kHz  
XW Workshop  

Known families

Ia Russian (KGB, GRU) E06, E17, E20, G06, G19, S06, S25, V06, M14
Ib Russian (KGB, GRU) E07, G07, G17, S07, V07, V17?, M12, XP
Ic Various Russian nets M18, M21, M42, MX, S13, S14, S28, X06
II CIA E05, E14, E21, G05, V05, V14, M68, M72
III   E11, G10, G11, S11, S26, M03
IV   E12, G12, V12, V18, M02
V CIA/BDN E13, G13
VI BND E16, G14, G15, G16, M15
VII 'Aida' E01, S01, S02, M17, X01
VIII 'BTV/YT' S08, M27, M40, M53
IXa Czech G18, S10, M07, M10
IXb Czech S05, M06
IXc Czech S17, S18, S19, S29, M39
X MI6 E03, E04
XI   E23, G02, M04
XII   E09, V08
XIII   M29, G04
XIV Russian? S21, S27, M01, M45, M50
XV   E18, G22, S04, M13
XVI Romanian V01, V17?, M48, M63?
XVII DDR G01, G03, G08, M41, M49
XVIII Cuban V02, M08
XIX French M16, M33, M51

Remarks from your editor:

Additions and corrections to this list may be found in Newsletter 11.

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