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November 2005
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News & items of interest

PoSW's items from the media

On Saturday 24-September the newspapers reported the end of the trial at the Old Bailey of Al Qaeda trained Andrew Rowe, a Muslim convert holding British Citizenship. Rowe was sentanced to 15 years having been found guilty of having articles for use in terrorism, Among these, as reported by the Daily Mail were a qualification in Arabic, a notebook with 22 pages of instruction in how to use a mortar (does it take 22 pages of instructions to make one of those things work?) and something described as "an amateur radio certificate". Now I wonder what that might be? I discussed this with a licencesed amateur acquaintance and he thought it could only be something called a "validation document" which seemingly is issued to amateurs these days as an outward and visible sign that they are entitled to talk on the shortwave bands.

I was surprised that someone like Mr. Rowe would have had the time or the dedication to swot up enough to pass the Radio Amateurs Examination or whatever it is called nowadays but my friend laughed and said that the days when one needed to have a thorough understanding of the regulations and theory regarding radio are long gone. He reckoned that provided a candidate could turn up at the correct time to take the exam and manage to write his name at the top of the page he would be sure to pass; and if he could do it in real joined up writing, why that would be a pass with distinction. A slight exaggeration, perhaps; does anyone know what Mr. Rowe's callsign was, and was he ever active on the bands? I did wonder if there was a connection between his activities and the piece on terrorist communications using such modes as PSK31 data as mentioned on page 45 of E2K 30.

Cold War Revalations: two stories relating to the Cold War - when we knew who the enemy was and where to find him - noted recently. A piece appeared in the Sunday Express of 2-October; headlined "British scientists dropped poison on 100,000 people", an article by Martyn Halle starts off "Hundreds of people may die after a poisonous chemical was sprayed over a British city in a bizarre Cold War experiment" The article goes on to relate how on five occasions in 1963 and 1964 an RAF aircraft flew over the city of Norwich in Eastern England, each time dropping 120 pounds of the metallic element cadmium to simulate the effects of an enemy biological or chemical attack. More than forty years later, higher than average levels of certain kinds of cancer are being linked to contamination by cadmium. The local Member of Parliament, Doctor Ian Gibson, said "There can be no excuse for using the town as guinea pigs with a chemical that has widely been accepted as toxic....... cadmium is a poisonous heavy metal which should not be inhaled. We do not know what, if any,  is the safe level for exposure to this chemical".

A few weeks earlier, on 22-September, BBC Radio 4, which incidentally is about the only part of the Corporation's output with grown-ups as its target audience, put  out a half hour programme entitled "Operation Cauldron". This told the story of how in 1952 the scientists at Porton Down were carrying out secret germ warfare trials off the coast of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, a group of islands off the western coast of Scotland. One of the germs they were testing was the plague, also known as the Black Death. One evening while a trial was starting a fishing trawler sailed into the danger zone - but the government scientists decided to carry on with the experiment anyway. There was then a scheme put into operation by the scientists to track the subsequent progress of the trawler to determine if any members of the crew suffered any ill effects.In the event no one on the trawler experienced any problems. There were interviews with several of the surviving personalities involved, all now much advanced in years, in the course of which there were references to calling up the trawler on 500 and 2182; that's  kHz of course, or in those days kilocycles per second, although I doubt whether more than one in ten thousand of the listeners to the programme understood the significance of that, these being respectively the Morse and phone calling and distress frequencies for shipping before satellite comms put paid to the use of MF/HF radio at sea

Farewell, then, Special Branch: The Daily Mail of 9-September carried an article headlined "After 100 years, Special Branch closes its casebook". It begins "Scotland Yard yesterday signalled the death of the Special Branch - set up to combat  domestic extremists more than 100 years ago. It will be amalgamated into a new 2,000 strong counter-terrorist unit. The Yard proposals have been drawn up against the backdrop of the July 7 London bomb attacks which killed 52 innocent people. Senior officers believe there is little point in having both the anti-terrorist section and Special Branch working in the same area"........"Special Branch was set up in 1883 as the Irish Special Branch to fight Irish bombers who had attacked several targets in the capital. It was renamed in 1887". But the best bit, at least for the more cynical and world weary observers of life in today's Britain, amongst whose numbers I include myself, comes right at the end....."In the past Special Branch was notorious for monitoring Left-wingers including present day Cabinet ministers Jack Straw, Charles Clarke and Peter Hain". Yes ideed! it is often forgotten that our present day rulers were, thirty or more years ago, left wing, trouble makers intent on confronting the established order. I recall in particular the last named of the above poachers turned gamekeepers who, if I remember correctly, made a name for himself by organising the sabotage of cricket matches which the visitng South African team were due to play by digging up the pitch and other acts of vandalism which if perpertrated today would render those involved to be arraigned under one or other of Blair's anti - terrorist laws; after all, in the late nineteen - sixties and throughout the seventies the Republic of South Africa, whatever one may have thought about their domestic policies, was at the forefront of the struggle against International Communism and if push had come to shove the route around the Cape and South Africa's deep water harbours would have been essential for the survival of the West.

Return of Spooks : the BBC television series Spooks, a fictional drama based on the activities of MI5, returned to our TV screens for a new series in September. All good exciting stuff with, of course, the usual overlay of Metropolitan political correctness. The first episode concerned a terrorist group - not Islamic for once - conducting a bombing campaign in London. What was noticable about the devices was that they were all fitted with a run-down timer with an ultra-bright, large format seven segment digital display which, of course, was shown counting down the minutes and seconds as the M15 people desperatly searched for the bomb. This seems to be a "must have" for any TV drama or movie in which a time activated explosive device is a feature. I wonder, would anyone in real life making such an article go the trouble and expense of fitting a visible time display? I reckon such a bright readout would take quite a drain of current and would need some fairly large capacity batteries if powered up for any length of time. The second episode concerned a Member of Parliament who had left one of the mainstream parties to join a small far-right party. There was then an operation put into place to undermine the MP because, as  one of the spooks was heard to say, there is only room for two political parties in this country. Perhaps the remark heard in the run up to every election for as long as I can remember, "If it was likely that anything could be changed by voting, it wouldn't be allowed" is not so far from the truth after all. This was picked up and commented on by Peter Hitchens, columnist in the Mail on Sunday and one of the few commentators of the political scene never to have been a fan of Mr. Tony Blair or to have been taken in by the whole Blairite project, not even in the heady days of May '97 when the Grinning Jackanapes first made it into Downing Street. On 26-September Mr. Hitchens wrote "....I doubt very much whether M15 is any use against terror or anything else but it's nice to think so and Spooks certainly helps to spread this comforting idea". Commenting on the story line of the ruining of the career of the MP Mr. Hichens continues "Our brave Guardian reading secret police then ran an operation to descredit him. Apparently they saw it as their duty to protect the two-party system that stifles all radical ideas. Interesting that nobody in the BBC thought this was at all odd, presumably because they pretty much think this is their job too. Communist Czechoslovakia had a similar thriller  series, about a Major Zeman who was constantly exposing anti-state dissidents as wicked gangsters. I know of no other country that has ever put on such a programme on prime-time TV".

[Tnx PoSW]

Now onto the rest………………………….

Sent in by AnonNI:

BBC Ceefax, 2237A 04/09/05



UK intelligence officials planned a propaganda campaign against extremists by using the internet to infiltrate radical groups, a report claims.

A Foreign Office letter, leaked to the Observer newspaper, reveals plans to spread anti-Western messages to gain the trust of Islamist radicals.

Dated 23 April 2004, it suggests spies pose as radicals to stop them taking up arms and to disrupt terror activities.

The Foreign Office said it did not comment on alleged leaked documents.


Dodgy spy gaoled for life [See title of pic on front cover]

Previously reported Robert Hendy-Freegard, was jailed for life 06/09 [my wedding anniversary and I’ve already done 28yrs – this geezer will be out in 10].

Sky News reported at the time: A conman who posed as an MI5 spy has been sent to prison for life.Robert Hendy-Freegard conned more than £1m out of his victims over 10 years after telling James Bond type tales of shadowy IRA killers.Six of his victims were women, and included a solicitor, a psychologist, a company director and a student. He seduced every one and got engaged to nearly all of them.

London's Blackfriars Crown Court heard many endured years of poverty, carried out bizarre "missions" for him across Britain and were left trembling in terror from his explosive temper and claims that assassins were stalking their every move.

In the process, the former car salesman, whose motto was "Lies have to be big to be convincing", pocketed every penny they could beg and borrow.

He then used their cash to fund a luxury life of top-of-the-range cars, designer suits, expensive meals, and five-star holidays in Brazil and elsewhere.

Hendy-Freegard, of High Street, Blyth, Nottinghamshire, was convicted in June after an eight-month trial featuring theft, deception and "kidnapping by fraud" between 1993 and 2003. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/06092005/140/mi5-conman-jailed-life.html

In keeping with this incredible story PLondon received this message from AnonNI:

"This has to be one my favourite quotes of the week so far!"

'The toughest question for the prosecution in the case of Robert Hendy-Freegard was this: "How will we persuade a jury to believe it?"'

Closely followed by;

"Sarah Smith, who gave him more than £200,000, recalled once being ferried to a so-called "safe house" with a bucket over her head."

[Tnx AnonNI]

That last one had me galvanised for a flurry of other comments – but none appeared to pail this!

Guyanese murder tried in England

Michael Cheong committed a crime 23 years ago in Guyana in 1982. His wife and Sister-in-Law were attacked and robbed on a lonely path by a local criminal, Brian Spencer. There was an apparent claim of fears or rape and of a sexual element to the offence. Cheong didn't muck about in this case; armed with a shotgun he eventually caught up with Spencer and shot him in the back. When he tried to get up another shot was fired.

Spencer was placed in the back of Cheong's truck and taken to a nearby police station as a place of safety and for treatment. He told police what he had done and whilst they interviewed Cheong, Spencer was denied treatment and expired! [This has shades of the rab-rack about it - read Cheddi Jagan's 'The West on Trial'].

The area where this took place is called Linden [formerly McKenzie] and home to Guyana's open cast bauxite mines. Cowboy country indeed. PLondon has visited there twice and knows full well the swiftness of rough justice that can be experienced by wrong do-ers.

After this shooting Cheong and his wife moved to Britain and Cheong made something of himself as you will read later. Unfortunately his marriage soured and in an argument his wife saw fit to grass on his previous acts.

Enter the legal profession: S9 Offences agaist the Person Act 1861 'Murder or Manslaughter may be dealt with in England. Unfortunately Mr Cheong had been born in England.

But exactly why has the British judicial system become involved when its performance against crimes commited in Britain is to hand out punishments that are not feared by the perpetrators?

In 1982 Guyana was very unruly, with much racial unrest being perpetrated against certain ethnic groups and supported by the Government of the day. The crimes of 'choke and rob' and rape were common. [I mistakenly once asked a taxi driver to take me to Choke and Rob Street instead of 'King and Robb Street - in Georgetown – luckily he saw the funny side].

Mr Cheong's story is not an isolated case.

Over the years of rule by President for Life Linden Forbes Samson Burnham (1965-1985), many persons suffered at the hands of those who could do no wrong in the eyes of their despotic leader. Racist behaviour was virtually encouraged against certain ethnic groups and ignored by the lawmakers whilst many left the country to its fate, emigrating to Britain, Canada and the US.

The story concerning Mr Cheong's apparent crime is well documented. What occured was nothing unusual in Guyana in those times. Somebody commited a crime and as a result died. Rough Justice! The story could be told a thousand times.

So, exactly why did the British judicial system intervene in what was obviously a revenge claim from his wife?

Guyana's judicial system, like many ex-Colonies, is based on the British model; yet they did not bother to pursue the case.

Instead Britain picks up the cost by prosecuting a man who has served this Country well; Army, Prison service and Suffolk Constabulary. [Even sending detectives to Guyana to investigate and that cost an arm and a leg – no doubt. Flight £800 each, + cost in Le Meridien Pegasus Guyana Hotel, or one of the other prime hotels abt £70 a night + out of pocket expenses, feteing Georgetown Police nightly + trips to Linden and costs there, crossing the river [I did it in an open launch only to get stung by the vicious marabunta solitary wasp], yes the tax payer has certainly funded this jolly, even down tio the anti-malarials, yellow fever, hep a and typhoid jabs].

I just hope that no one blabs to the authorities over here that when I visited Guyana on two occasions I brought an extra bottle of finest XM Rum into the country on my way back and forgot to declare it on the green channel. Oh Crumbs! I had some thyme in my bag, and some ginnips along with pepper sauce and achar. Please don’t tell on me!

It is a pity our wonderful Judicial system cannot visit proper punishment on those who actually offend in this Country and who enjoy minimal and non-effective punishment whilst decent law abiding folk suffer.

More cuts!

In Issue 30 we mentioned that the MoD were undergoing cuts. The latest to hit the headlines are Cheslea Barracks. Mind you they are in a poor state and have been allowed to fall into disrepute; dirty paintwork, greying whitework and filthy net curtains.

Now the MoD expect to get a tidy sum, £250million, for the 13 Acre site. An Estate Agent on hand mentioned he had dealt with a similar site where the cost of one square foot [305mm square] was £1000. He expected property on the site of Chelsea to fetch at least £1700 per square foot.

The removal of this site has some sadness for yours truly.

It was there that I was escorted from the main gate to the rifle range – a computerised affair – and met the SA80 rifle. A real good time and a lift home at the end of the evening too. Splendid night, splendid people and a sad loss of a national treasure.

Wonder if they’ll sell the National Army Museum – that’s just over the road from there – or the Royal Chelsea Hospital, home for the glorious Chelsea Pensioners.

[It was one weekday that PLondon and his old sgt were passing RH on the way to the NAM and 6 or so Pensioners were lined up. As we passed my ex-sgt raised his parade ground voice and barked, ‘Come on you miserable bunch, straighten up – third man stop laughing, it’s not funny!

They all started laughing and gave a cheery wave; which is good].

Codes via mobile phone

[Received from an Anon source]

Extract from Sunday Express article 11/9/05 re discovered al Qaeda documents whose authenticity has been confirmed by Siddiqui, a defector. (Result of SAS activity)?

"They contain details that would be essential for another successful attack on London, including:

Names and addresses of internet cafes across the city, which would provide a relatively secure means for terrorists to communicate with each other.

*** More than 200 three-digit coded text messages for mobile phones were listed. These are now being deciphered at GCHQ.***

Timetables of trains from Gatwick and Heathrow into London and ferry crossings from Europe.

Information about transmission frequencies by al-Jazeera.

The Arab language news network is suspected by MI5 of being a dupe for Al Qaeda when it transmits a Bin Laden harangue which could contain signals to attack a particular target.

The documents are similar to those found in London during the investigation into the July 7th bombings which left 56 people dead."


Armed police poorly trained [or so ex-SAS say]

The Sunday Times, dated 19/09 sported an interesting article that stated that Armed Police were not subjected to psychological profiling and were often unfit. It was also claimed that police firearms units were clique had professional standards below those in the military and after exercises were often found in the bar still carrying their pistols and MP5s still slung and posing for photos. [And who from the Thick and Stupid Group of 1981 remembers 144 coming into a certain public convenience and taking a photo of 21, 135, 168, 183 and 223 parading before the porcelain. Complaint received from American Tourist who described 144 as an animal. That was in the days of the Judges’ Rules, long before PACE and DL ruined policing forever].

The article states,

“The two soldiers describe a number of alarming incidents during police training at the regiment’s base in Hereford. The trainers have no authority to fail police officers they believe are unsuited to the job.

One of the soldiers said: “When the tension starts to rise and the adrenaline is flowing, the ‘red mist’ seems to descend on armed police officers who become very trigger-happy. This has been shown time and again in training exercises.”

The second soldier said: “We thought that police firearms officers were far more concerned with their personal image, dressing in body armour and looking ‘gung ho’, rather than their professional capabilities. I’m not surprised at the number of mistakes over the years.

“There is no assessment of physical fitness, no psychological profiling, nothing. It’s a major problem.”

The statement also describes a police training exercise run by the SAS in which an armed terrorist group was threatening to kill a hostage. The police team were to rescue the hostage using minimum force.

“I was playing the leader of the armed group and instructed the other members of my group to surrender peacefully once the final assault was initiated. Therefore there was no need for the police to open fire.

“But as the police assault group entered the room they began firing at everything. No one had moved; we were all stood with our hands on our heads.

“The response would have resulted in the unnecessary deaths of all the make- believe terrorists and the hostage alike. So much for the rule of minimum force.”

Interestingly, the article makes mention of the hapless Brazilian who was downed with 7 rounds to the head. Two rounds were found in the carriage bulkhead and one in the shoulder. Our skilled SAS men offer an opinion that armed police become very trigger happy when the adrenaline flows and the red mist descends.

[Mind you watching 4 souped up carriers with blacked out glass bringing the SAS teams into a certain defuct nuthouse in South London – see first chapters of ‘Immediate Action’ or ‘The One that Got Away’  - hardly rings of elitism does it? Neither did the fact that one of the vehicles failed to stop for intial Police checks and mistakenly drove ito the Forensic unit nearby where it was stopped and occupants spoken to or, in police parlance, Words of advice given].

Why have these two supposed SAS men suddenly come forward? Simple answer must be the operation at Stockwell included police and army. Who fired the rounds? Police do not carry automatic weapons so why were three rounds astray – was someone ‘walking rounds to the target’ with an automatic weapon? Is this statement an attempt to distance the army from this massive cock-up in which an innocent was killed by casting a slur on those who adequately protect us?

Skype phones – the number monitors favourite!

As the Times announces a multi-million purchase of Skype VoIP [Voice over Internet Protocol] the Metro newspaper publishes a piece heard from Symantec.

Skype, and no doubt other systems just like it, will be hacked, says Symantec. They would, because their business is anti-viral software.

Is is scare tactics? Imagine every Brit buying a PC and VoIP phone and that’s all its used for. The last thing in their minds would be anti-viral software. So, scare a few persons at the early stage and ensure sales of your product.

VoIP really is good. PLondon makes many international calls, a majority to South America where BT charge well over £1 per minute and you receive a phone bill written in such a manner as to confuse. Enter Skype – always a better line – best of all the cost is sensible. 52 mins on my ordinary phone to Guyana leaves me with a bill in the region of £100, Skype only £11 – and prepaid.

Other number monitors regularly contact each other via Skype and the best of Skype to Skype is the cost – nix!

Barbaric, savage and irresponsible

From source ‘anon’ [Thanks]!

Look at the attached photograph. It's of the captured kit the Iraqi Police lifted from the two SAS blokes on Monday 19/09. Have a careful look at the photograph.

Recognise anything?

Iraqi Police Kit

In the middle, next to what appears to be a Radio is a Grey box...very similar to an SGC Auto Tuner. Apart from what looks like VHF / UHF Handhelds, this and what looks like a Transceiver* next to the Autotuner, are the only items of Radio Equiptment on show.

I noticed this whilst watching the BBC News last night, and this morning they seem to have "cropped" the footage. Indeed the attached image took a bit of ferreting to find.

If they are using HF, then they can’t be using Freq Agile kit as the autotuner wouldn't handle it. My guess is CW / Data Burst at Low HF Freqs (4-6MHz) for NVIS Propagation. *Is this a handheld scanner rather than a VHF/UHF handie? [Tnx Anon].

PLondon noticed the image printed in the Metro 21/09 p4 that showed a variety of weaponry not usually available to the standard British soldier:

US M16 with modified stock and a Minimi LMG, both favoured by either the SAS or SBS, along with the light anti tank weapon in between the radio and unid grey case. [Plondon suggested the radio is similar to the Selex CNR 2000 in capability].

Notwithstanding the firepower carried by these blokes we also received this interesting input from another Anon member:

Looking from right to left..

  1. We have a large what appears to be rack mount rather than backpack set. It is sideways on in the photo and seems to have a white sticker diagonally across it. I have no idea what this at all.
  2. Next you can see a large handheld with a VHF antenna. I'm pretty certain this is a Racal Cougar an encrypted handheld and long a favourite of the SAS.
  3. Now the next radio is an odd one. It is hard to make out in the photograph but looks like a small Motorola PMR handheld. I'm not sure why they would have this but perhaps these are used by the police in Basra and so could be used for comms with them when required.
  4. Finally at the radio to the left of the one mentioned above. This has a LCD display and what may be a keypad below. My first thoughts were this was an older model Ericsson GSM phone but its to large for that. Next I thought it might be a satellite (Thurya or Iridium) phone but if it is then its an early model as modern ones are smaller than this.

And now onto the second part:

Mohammed al Waili the Governer of the Basra province used these words to describe the nightime action used to release two detained British troops who, after exchanging shots with Iraqi police were captured and banged up in a jail.

The two undercover soldiers killed one policeman and injured another who went to give assistance to his colleague. The captured soldiers were later paraded on Arab TV with bloodied clothes and bandaged heads.

At the time a Warrior AFV was set alight by petrol bombs in connection with an investigation as to what had happened. As the AFV brewed up the crew evacuated the vehicle, one seen alight and they were stoned irrespective of the flames. Stoned.

Later that evening, and under cover of darkness an operation was mounted to liberate the two seized soldiers. The jail in which they were kept prisoner was destroyed and around 150 criminals were also liberated [unfortunate retribution on the locals that].

Given the interrogation techniques described in Andy Mc Nab’s Bravo Two Zero and the stoning of a crew who bailed out of their vehicle after being set alight by petrol bombs one can see why this top notch ‘mushtamaam marafi mukh sahib’ Iraqi Governer can describe the rescue as Barbaric, Savage and Irresponsible, can’t you.

Well my daughter’s Mother in Law has a better moustache than Mohammed al Waili the Governer of the Basra province will ever have – a thousand blows from an old woman’s sweaty British Bata slipper on his character - Barbaric, Savage and Irresponsible my arse.

[Tony Bliar sent British Troops to Iraq against the wishes of a majority of the British public].

The bad news is that the b*ll*cks about Iran is now starting too – apparently Iran is behind at least 11 British deaths because a sophisticated armour piercing bomb developed in Iran has found its way to Iraq – Means only one thing. Bliar is about to kurtow to dubya again. What else could take the US public view away from the New Orleans disaster than the destruction of Iran and maybe Sudan next. Then again weren’t some of our ships sunk by the French made Exocet? Don’t remember us invading France because of that……………………

Note that as truth leaks out concerning this story that the two troops were handed over to Shia Militia by Iraqi Police who are trained by the British and who are expected to assist in Public Order. [Anyone remember a particularly nasty event in Aden where the Levies shot up a British army patrol killing all but one man who manged to escape into the maze of flats on the Crater bypass]?

That congestion charge

If you drive into London on weekdays you can attract a charge of £8 for the pleasure of doing so. This brainchild of Mayor Livingstone [Red Ken in his GLC days] had been extended West into the Hammersmith area of West London.

Many Londoners oppose the idea because for a weeks work it adds £40 to your day to day bills.

Many Brits have branded this ‘Congestion Charge’ as an illegal tax. If you do not pay the charge your vehicles could be taken and crushed. Either way the charges spiral if not paid before midnight on the same day as they are levied.

Enter the American Embassy; or, their diplomatic vehicles. David Johnson of the Embassy sees the charge as a tax and therefore not payable whilst Ken Livingston says it is not a tax but a charge for service. [For what?].

Can you imagine bailiffs turning up at the Embassy to remove chattels to the sum of over run charges?

It is interesting to note that other Embassies actually pay this charge, the Irish Embassy being stated in a radio interview.

UFO visit or something else? [Anon report]

Last Sat afternoon, 17th, September about 1700 ish, I was up in Kent, and helping my son get to grips with a new Uniden scanner when we heard an A/c report to Swanwick airways control that :-

" an unidentified object has just had a near miss with us, it flew at 300ft above us on a course 130 degrees to our heading, travelling fast"

Swanwick response not heard, then A/c :-

"Our flight level is 210 (21000ft), no it was not a helio or another A/c, it was brown-ish with no sharp outline, I confirm 300ft, FO also confirms. Swanwick not heard."

" I know a bloody goose when I see one, I will be submitting a formal report,* other A/c please do not interrupt this transmission *, Swanwick I am now terminating transmission to return to normal traffic, descending to FL 180"

We kept the freq open for another hour but only routine traffic heard, I had retuned my set to the air-air pilots freq and a couple of them commented that a "near miss with an unidentified had taken place"

*It will probably turn up in 2 years time as part of an AIB report. [Tnx Anon].

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