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November 2002
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Selected Morse stations

Unid response

The unid 1, issue 12, from IB.

Our good friend Don Schimmel of www.Dxing.com has given us some valuable info for this station and a full report will be included in Issue 14.

Unid 1 (per IB)

11 Sept 8122kHz 15.15z ? 76 76 // 26 26 24 24
rpt rpt rpt = = =
42 42 38 38 76 76 6t 6t 76 76 //
26 26 34 34
rpt rpt rpt = = =


Unid 2 (per GD)

19 Sept 5473kHz 17.58z


G had just dialled in the 5474kHz to catch the 18.00z M01 TX and found this station in prog.

Double 5f gps, hand sent, strong sig, ended at 18.04 with " = = 242 242 25 25 3 long dashes"

G remarks that station was much stronger than M01 and with a pure tone, not like M01's several tones, similar to M14. The format is the same as M01 & M01b but was TX'ing at same time as M01.

G will be keeping an eye out for this one, it may be new.

Unid 3 (per DoK)

24 Sept, 5041kHz, 09.07z in prog
5f, full zero, no ending, 15 -20 wpm.

Unid 4 (per IB)

9 Oct, 3098kHz, 14.30z, hand, short zero.

"qtc qtc qtc (R5) 15 wpm
qtc x 6
2tt2 1t t9 23tt e
28t78 94/t6 ///1t ///// ///// e
ending qru qru qru sk 15 wpm "

Unid 5 (per MS)

12 Oct, 5874kHz, 01.05z, hand

r3 at 1 min intervals
Ending VVV's at 01.10z

Dropped 01.15z

Unid 6 (per IB)

This very strange TX, sent in by Igor

cq cq cq de br6 br6 qtc qtc (repeated)
qtc ui 333 333 333 nr t2135 nr t2135 =
beu wsf kuf beu bew ltf oef mhf ptm beu on wh beu wsf kuf beu bew pu fef 6
khtv ze ku kdu wek xa xd ktu gt puf jeuk bauf pa mu kr lav guv mh jau bem
ktu gt ku vhl bauf jew kdu ktu bbe ve 1tt2 fuf 7 khtv 2t kuv wh zt 9 khtv 24
kuv lle pu bh ce vsu ktu ltv cu mu lhf kr lav wev lhv pel ktw ku puf jeuk
bau ksgg kd ms jsf peu 3 ce wev lhv pel ktw ku puf jeuk bau la kugg be, vsl
ge ptl kd va wav bbeu kh vu fdf pa mu laef lsu le kel jae bauf gek jaek ktu
gt ba ghf gh jef kuf ba ph kdu ptl lsf pu ktu gt ke vik lae gtk kdu vdv be
je ks 199t fsf wh zt 1994 fsf lle pu kuv wek ptl kd va 2t8 lh kdu mu lhf kr
lav kdv wev lhv je ks ftm ls ph ktgg kd ms 1996 fsf wh zt fdf mu lhl lae lak
bak kd va 17t lh vdv wev lhv je ks jsf peu lle pucak 378 lh kdu mu lhf kr
lav kdv mu lhl cdl ktu ftm ls ph ktgg be, pa gtf ptf peuk ku lldz fef pu wef
gtu lu ktu le lle khf gtu kdv ku jdv vt mefj kdf kr lav bdv ku wh gul bau la
bba ld meu pek pu vdv jael pdk jev mef jef pdk kuf bdv ku beu wh whf ge mek
je ks ktv me fem pu kefj kdf pa ltf ktu gt ld meu pek pu bdv wh zt le ldw
ptl wwe vdf gu kuv kef ktu ge ptf pa ge je ks jael ptk je fdf ge ktw ku ouv
gh ptl kuf mhf ptu va ptu lu bau la kugg be, ku va wh zt kh vu fdf ptf lhl
ptl kuf pa ge lu lh vdv pa pul je ks le bak gu xu fdf mhf ptu vdv wu vag je
ks kuv vsf kdu jew vu ptl ku ms jsf guv ptl kuf ptu kef bdv kdv cau ldf ze
ku ktu gt puf jeug bauf pa mu kr lav jau bem bdv ktu gt mu lhl cdl ktu feu
faj kdf we kugg be, pu ldm mu jeuk ptk wh le chu je la kugg fdf beu pa gtf
ptl beu gu ptk ceul kd va je ks kh vu kuf muf bdv kdu wef mu lem ptk kdf lsu
gal la pa bau la kugg kd ms ku ltg kdf meu pek pupa ge jael ptk kdv oa jem
jef kr lav wev lhv ge ktw ktu ba xdf pu pek kdv ph la kugg be, cau ldf mu
lhl cdl ku bdv la fe ka la kugg fdf mu lhl kuf ((geuk paf pe ""mhf ptu ve
fdf ltg kdf pa gtf ptf peuk pul jh mu lhf oa va fdf ggek wek jew kdu ktu bbe
ve ku mu be bav vs wa feuf pa ltf ktu gt keu bek ca paf peu je pu kefj md ms
ptf jh fem pa gtf ph bhf mu lhf wh beu feu ktu gt kh vu ktu ltu pe khtf ptl
kd va ftm kt kaf mu lhl ge vem bdv kdu mhf ptu fdf ptk cu ptl mek msk lae wu
ja wtw ktu laef jef lhl ptu wtw ktu ba pt cal bau kefj fdf ltg kd va ggt keo
kd va pa mu ge ku ptl beu laef lsu le jeu ga bau fdf btu bbe ve khtf mef ju
jev lsv bauv gh kugg kdv ltg ku be, mu lhl cdl ku puf ptk kd va kr lav wev
lhv ktu laef gum ku kugg be msf pe lu jev we vdv gtk guv ju jeu ki jev ltg
ku be, ar ar qru qru sk sk

Unid 7 (per IB)

24 Oct 5115kHz 14.30z MCW (IB thinks possibly S.Korean Intel)


vvv vvv vvv cq cq cq de 815 815 815 qrk5 qtc k
hr w33 bt

then 33 x 5f repeated
ending bt ar k tu va nnnn


No set freqs, daily TX's, best in early hours, 03/04/05z although we have received some good logs for the period 08.00 - 12.00z recently.

Evidence of some "sloppy ops" in Sept with M8a & V2a , wrong TX, wrong modes, wrong skeds, late starts, mod problems etc. (BM,CS, MS)

Heard on 3926/4016/4173/4506/5758/6767/6982/8096/9062/9238/9330/10125/10235kHz, amongst others.

On 22 Sept he got off to a late start on 6767kHz and omitted the 2nd and 3rd calls, while on 27 Oct 10566kHz, 13.00z TX he stops in mid callup then returns later in traffic !!

On 31 Oct a very strange TX was made, appended is the whole log from MS.

Hi Guys:

A most unusual thing happened a few minutes ago with the 0900z M8a sked on 10126m.
First, two different messages were sent to address 00200.
Second, only the numbers 0 and 2 were used in the message text and the callup. Also, 20 was sent prior to the standard 3 address callup.
Here is most of first message and beginning and end of second message:
20 00200 00200 02020 (R3) 0900z 10126m

(missed first 5 groups until I realized he was sending all 0's and 2's)

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- 02000 22002 00002 00000 20222 02200
02020 22022 02020 20000 00022 02220 00202 20222 02202 02020
02022 22200 00022 00002 00220 00000 22022 02000 02022 00022
22200 02220 02020 20222 02022 02202 22202 00020 00222 02002

22220 02222 02022 20220 02002 20020 02200 00202 22222
00200 02200 22220 00220 00002 02220 02000 20222 20222 00020
02020 22222 02022 00022 20222 02022 00222 20200 00200 02220

20000 00002 00222 22020 22202 22022 20000 00202 20022 00000
20202 22020 00200 20220 00222 00022 00222 20200 22022 22000
02202 22000 20022 22222 22022 22220 02202 22220 02002 20202

22202 00020 02220 00222 02000 20000 20202 02000 02220 02020
22002 00000 00000 22202 02222 20002 22220 20022 20022 22020
00000 02200 20200 00020 20000 02020 22202 22020 22200 02020

22002 00000 00022 22222 22220 02000 22020 02222 20000 02222
00020 00022 00202 02200 02020 20202 22022 20220 00222 22020


00000 20022 20000 00022 22202 22202 02200 22222 02202 22200
(message continues another 130 groups of 0's and 2's)

02220 02200 00000 02220 00220 22220 00220 20020 00000 20022

(note how the first two groups are repeated in the last two groups of the message. This remains consistent with M8a/V2a message encryption procedure.)


(went into third message to different address. At this point I ceased copy.)
I hope you found this of interest. First time I have ever seen the Cubans do something like this. Maybe it was just practice or dummy traffic because it was the end of the month. As usual, the transmitter was pretty garbled.


No set freqs, daily TX's at 17.20z, 21.00z . 04.10z. 02.10 /04.00/04.50z becoming regular,others appear random

**MS notes that there appears to be some changes from the "expected" freqs from September and that some skeds may have changed**

New freqs noted 6758/6763//4485 for 02.10/02.20zTX's, this looks like a regular slot but the //'s are not always found.

On 22Sept sent an 888/141/214, the previous day it sent the same ID's/mssg but with the 555 triplet ??

7380kHz 555/131/184 02.10z (daily sked now ?)
6763//4885kHz 555/141/214 04.10z (daily sked now ?)
8190//5301kHz 555/332/381 04.50z (Mondays


only??), 5301kHz used to be a regular freq for OLX

8143 12227kHz 555/033/18- 010/36 19.23z


The Summer 6800kHz now on 7745kHz//unk.


No set freqs/skeds

Selection of the very many Freqs/ID's heard, giving the highest and lowest logged.

17477kHz 493 19.40z
16317kHz 395 21.00z
15615kHz 642 19.00z
14931kHz 395 21.20z
14784kHz 134 07.00z
14387kHz ??? 20.20z
12133kHz 963 18.30z
6856kHz 583 17.20z


Anomalies with the start times, up to 20 secs or so, also raises the question as to whether there is more than one TX site, each with a small control room clock error.

PoSW remarks that on many TX's the "key clicks" are now very noticeable and some TX's appear to be sent a little faster than the norm, and that changes are apparent, ie the Wed 583 sked moved when the 963 sked began (April 02) but is possibly just a time change, and that the 462 sked on 8084//6856//5788kHz, 17.00z Thur/Fri vanished about the same time.

It gave us a little surprise with the 6 Sept, 8084kHz/157, 17.00z TX in that the GC was only 60 rather than the expected 140 ish , was the 6782kHz/749, 16.00z sked also a GC 60 ??

This was followed on 18 Sept, 13371kHz/535, 20.00z with a GC of 233 - much longer than the usual !!

In early Oct, first noted on the 6th, some activity appears to have shifted by an hour ( which Country/ies changed from Summer to Winter time on the night of the 5/6th Oct, or even possibly for 1st Oct, Ed. ) and that the activity would appear to be much reduced from Sept. ( so it's another round of "sked hunting" Ed.)


The ID 456 Tx burst into life on 8192kHz at 08.00z on 3 Sept, sent the shortest M13 mssg yet logged of only 9 groups, the last time 456 popped up was in Oct 01

Other freqs/ID's logged 10928/261, 9975/517, 9262/746, 9264/746, 4485//6763/949-602, 10625/458, 7426/517, 11516/714, 11215/253, 11424/714

5584/411 241 gps 04.30z 8 Sept this is usually the 20.30z freq ?  
5584/411 241 gps 04.30z 21 Sept repeat of 8 Sept ? (beginning to look like a permanent change - Ed)


New freq in use

14 Oct 9124kHz 22.00z ID 458


Back again, (or rather logged again) MS found him on 5876kHz, 02.41z, 6 Sept already in traffic (prob 02.30z start) with BC QRM, still going at 03.15z when QRM obliterated, briefly heard again at 03.38z.

On 7 Sept again same freq/times sending a 480 gp mssg, 303 (R5) BT 271 480 BT, MS estimated TX would last until approx 05.30z - it likes its marathons.

GD also caught this one in UK, and remarks that the last TX, logged in June, was msg 269, so we only missed one sked. It also came close to its own record of the longest M13 TX, previously 492 gps, in May 02.

MS, our resident M13d catcher, remarked:-

"M13d did not show up for the expected 02.30z sked on 21/22 Sept. I wonder if he is a control station for the M13 family ( he's been around for a long time judging by the massage numbers - Ed), and directs the other various agents/ (stations -Ed) as to when, why, where and what they are to do.

This might explain the very long messages and why his skeds seem to adhere (once you've found the freq) to a very fixed schedule. Anyone else have any further ideas/theories"

Possible variant heard, (PoSW)

13 Aug 9160kHz 20.07z in prog:- slow 5f's then = 521 521 521 000 (R1), = 222 21 =, then 5f's ending 000 at 21.14z. Close to a strong BC in UK.


GD & MS, can you have a look at this one, Ed.


Picked itself an odd slot for the 2nd/16th Aug, 6th/20th Sept, 11540kHz, 19.00z, 831 TX, zero beat with an Arabic BC station, but at least it was a "null" mssg.

On 7th Sept, 9060kHz, 17.02z, in prog, clg 203, turned out to be a 2 msg TX:-
784 784 2 2, the message being 11111 x 2, 00012 x 2 then 196 196 54 54.

PoSW remarks that this type of dual mssg TX with the first being just 2x5F gps has also been noted being sent by S06, a related station.

Also appears to have changed hour in Oct, and moved to lower freqs.

No set freqs, though does tend to use from a "pool", daily skeds


Made an appearance on 7795kHz at 09.30z on 3 Sept, this freq not used since March 02, freq was only heard until 6 Sept, probably just in use for a week (GD)

Other freqs 9160/9230/10870/11170/13400/14230/14320/14750

14320kHz 01.00z 310 6 Sept / 15 Sept  
7960kHz 02.00z 310 6/7/19/20Sept  
7500kHz 06.00z 555 9 Sept (New Freq)


On Mon 7 Oct a further new freq arrived, 6850kHz, 15.00z and became very busy with TX's at 15.00, 17.00z, 18.00z, and again on 8 Oct at 08.00z, 09.00z, 13.00z 14.00z. (GD)

MS remarks that M23 now appears to be TX'ing about every half hour (H+00, H+30) using mainly the calls 000, 555, 310, 160 and the use of // freqs is far more evident.


No reports


4 char c/s (bogus) long zero 25wpm

As mentioned in Issue 12 it was expected that this station would again be heard during November.

It was, on Nov 1st, 3819kHx, usual freq, and as in the past preamble started with 26310 and mssgs with 40545 (GD)


On 9 Oct, 9331kHx, 06.00z the outstation (L5X) was heard, on the V2a carrier, but no sign of P7X which would have been expected on the same freq, or at least very close by. (MS)


From John, Derby

John's log shows: All 10871kHz : 2135z weak, 2200z barely audible [20/08], 2320z S0 to S4 [23/08]

0833z not heard [24/08], 1740z weak [30/08], 1945z S0 to S5 [21/09].

John writes " Regarding 10871kHz, on 30/8/02 I realised what i was logging - 'S' The signal had changed from a rather 'hammy' S with debatable 'dits' to a really crisp S. On 21/9/02 both S and C were on."

Thanks to: AB, BM, DoK, E, GD, IB, K, KM, ML, MP, MS, RN, PoSW, Anon2 UK, Anon1 EU

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