ENIGMA 2000 Newsletter - Issue 6

September 2001
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Selected voice stations

Seda ye Mojahed (Voice Of Mojahed).

It is unclear if this station is a direct relation of the more famous broadcast station. Our particular VoM operates on 8600 10080 & 12450. The Clandestine broadcaster uses a wide variety of frequencies below 9 MHz in general, jumping around rapidly to avoid jamming, while VoM Two sits on 7072 kHz most of the European evening. VoM Two is heavily jammed - causing untold misery to the 7MHz Amateur band, despite protests to Iraq (the broadcaster) and Iran (the jammer).

Our particular station is now generally felt not to be a clandestine but a 'numbers' type transmission. It was very active up until late April when transmissions seemed to become more erratic. On April 24th it turned up on 10090 instead of 10080. This failed to fool the jammers who soon spotted it had moved, a decoy carrier was then set up on normal 10080, it did not send anything but was jammed also, which shows the dedication of those trying to block the signal. It is suggested that the station is sending anti-Taliban information in the form of phrases, and some mention as been made elsewhere that these may be aimed (as suggested in ENIGMA) against the Afghanistan regime (motto "No Fun Allowed").

Although transmissions seem to have tailed off they may of course return at any moment. Another frequency worth watching is 10254, this often contains a steady carrier in the European evenings, but is attacked by two different jammers at the same time (despite the fact that nothing can be heard in the North of the UK).

Rob of Essex has answered the call for holiday logs and has also sent a short account which will appear in Issue 7. From Greece Rob managed to hear the following [in date order]:

19/05 1600Z 11545kHz E03 'Good signals from Cyprus'
21/05 0600Z 10650kHz E10 YHF  
21/05 0600Z 14530kHz E10 YHF 'Transmission stayed on 14M but not 10M'
26/05 0610Z 10528kHz E10 SYN 'Repeating SYN'
27/05 1900Z 11075kHz E05 'Calling 999'


Rob also noticed that a variety of jamming stations could be heard after 1400Z daily on 8350, 8390, 9310, 9320, 9325, 9340, 10280 and 10250kHz

Another station was heard in AM at 0600Z 26/05 on 26840kHz that Rob has described as a 'very strange buzz and pulse 10kHz wide and on air for 35 mins.

Rob's best catch was this unid station:

27/05 0525Z 10715kHz Rob describes this as 'Very odd, Numbers shouted as though on a parade ground. Five pronounced FIFE, Eight as Aytte. The transmission ended in four zeros, 0000 at 0610Z. Rob queries E18 but E2k is open to other ideas.
[Thanks for log Robb].


Another developing story is that surrounding the possible change of site for the E03. My own shielded loop points in the general direction of Cyprus at the date of this insert.

Takashi of Nagasaki makes this interesting point: Presumed South Korean female numbers, without ENIGMA code, are still active on 5715 or 6215kHz at H+00 or H+30 in East Asian midnight. Occasionally these are parallel. According to the BBS of the Asian Broadcasting Institute in Japan, the presumed South Korean numbers broadcast which starts with "General Kim Il-Sung's song" appears almost on 6215kHz at 1530z in 9, 10, 19, and 20th of every month. See V24 on revised ENIGMA Control List.

M of Kent reports this occurrence:

8000kHz 0600Z 17/08 YL unreadable, in noise, could discern "zero's" only. Still going 06.41 when a strong AM carrier killed sig. Previous report of V2 on this freq could be correct. Cannot confirm.
8000kHz 0315Z 18/08 There again but totally unreadable.

Any ideas folks?

Onto the logs:


From M of Kent:

1900Z 05/08 6959//9251//11454kHz triplet [89730]


Firstly a 'different' signal report from Down Under:

Chris ******** and "St*******" both report very high signal strengths with no fading for EO3a from Melbourne. There is a big Defence transmitter site at Diggers Rest not far outside of Melbourne. An Australian SWL magazine has carried reports that reception of this transmitter were very strong in Victoria, in the south of the continent. The magazine speculated that there might be a second transmitter not far from Melbourne and strongly hinted that the Defence site at Diggers Rest was the site in mind. [See News and Items of Interest]

Schedule: Sun to Fri, [0000Z transmission first, ends 2300Z]
Transmissions outside 1000 to 1300Z are not normally audible in Great Britain.

1000Z 20474//23461 0000Z 18864//21866
1100Z 18864//23641 0100Z 19884//21866
1200Z 18864//23461 2200Z 18864//24644
1300Z 18864//21866 2300Z 18864//21866


Takashi mentions this in his log: I heard Cherry Ripe in Jun 27th. At 1000z a powerful pulse-type jamming for a few seconds was intermittently busy on 20474kHz. Unable to hear CR at all. Suddenly she started at 1023z in progress, followed by a usual transmission until 1045z. Did someone forget to switch 20474kHz on? Parallel 23461kHz was a normal transmission. I had only ever heard such accidents twice.

CR usually takes a holiday on weekend and for 3 days at the end of every month. She is using the East Asian time.

John Maky [US] observed:

18864kHz 0000Z 05/07 [// 21866 weak]
21866kHz 0000Z 05/07 [// 18864 weak]
19884kHz 0100Z 05/07 [// 21866 rptg ]
21866kHz 0100Z 05/07 [// 19884 rptg ]


Gert sent his June log in and confirms these transmissions:

6960kHz 2200Z 11/06 [190 gc87 97968] // 9090kHz
  2200Z 27/06 [598 gc67 54785] // 9090kHz
9219kHz 2200Z 14/06 [190 gc38 97968]
12197kHz 1900Z 14/06 [466 gc212 56745]


The American accented YL continues her reduction in activity. The long standing 1700Z Monday and Thursday sendings on 8085//9219kHz have gone. They were the strongest transmissions in Cynthia's recent operating schedule. The Saturday 1400Z on 18617//19622kHz - which vanished in the first week of March, then emerged again in late April has gone again. There was no trace on 26/05 or on Saturdays since. The Monday and Thursday 1900Z USB transmissions on 7430//9219kHz also vanished in May. The data transmissions associated with E05 are still around; those heard in the month of June with strong signals include:

5314// 6880kHz 2020Z Sundays with fast FSK
10225//12229kHz 2040Z Tuesdays and Saturdays with fast FSK.
10643//12197kHz 1820Z Fridays with fast FSK
12229 kHz [// not found] 2100Z Mondays with 'Pulse Data'


In all cases the carriers are on well before transmissions begin - half an hour beforehand is not uncommon- usually with a few minutes of audio tone. Thanks PoSW

Peter also comments that six months ago there were eight separate E05 transmissions on a Saturday but now [30/06] there seems to be just 16198kHz at 1600Z and 9070kHz at 1921Z // with 13444kHz.

9090kHz 2200Z 18/07 [458, count 181]      
9219kHz 2200Z 16/07 [271 Count 104]      
10583kHz 2100Z 17/07 [430 Count 123], 2100Z 24/07 [rptg 034 Count 96 832/27] //11580
11580kHz 2100Z 14/07 [AM weak], 2100Z 24/07 [rptg 034 Count 96 832/27] //10538
13444kHz 1800Z 09/07 [AM vy weak]      
13465kHz 1800Z 15/07 [ AM rptg 900 Count 136]      


John Maky and Mark Slaten both confirmed that E05/V05 transmissions have diminished but added a new dimension by adding that "Ever since last March, all E05/V05 (The Counting Station) broadcasts that seemed to be transmitted from the Warrenton Training Center have ceased. All remaining transmissions appear to be coming from Europe or the middle east, and are very weak here in the central US."

Mark went on to say " I agree with John that E05/V05 activity has drastically slowed down, but I did copy E05 on July 7, 2001 at 0316z on 9205m and I found the parallel freq at 0328z on 7620m. It was a YL/EE sending 3/2f traffic in the USB mode. That is the first time I had heard E05 in a few months, and I have not heard it since. Has anyone else heard it recently? Maybe the broadcast is being discontinued in favor of another mode of communication."

Thanks to 'Spooks' for use of the above.

'C' writes: I read on the 'Spooks' list that transmissions of E05 and V05 from Warrenton Virginia have possibly ceased in March this year. E05 traffic continues in Europe, most probably from the known site in Germany. Are traffic levels in Europe also on the slide ? Comments on this to E2k via the usual electronic methods please.

'C' sends the following E05 logs:

8080kHz 2100Z 03/08 [707/65] 16/08[USB 492]
10321kHz 2105Z 26/07 [863/158]
10324kHz 2110Z 03/08 // 8080

Joerg Eberhardt, Germany reported the following via 'Spooks':

8080kHz 2100Z 10/08 [492 67 80753] //10321    
9219kHz 2200Z 10/08 [941 108 90870]    
10321kHz 2100Z 10/08 [492 67 80753] //8080    
14740kHz 1500Z 07/08 [981 15 72349] //16198. 19/08 [USB 981 count 251 723/49 664/04]
16198kHz 1500Z 07/08 [981 215 72349] //14740    

And from Anon, Scandinavia:

10583kHz 2000Z 14/08 [USB 630 count 91 528/44 608/58] This was also audible in US.


Gert's log listed activity by E06, in part:

16340kHz 1230Z 23/06 [602 dk345gc27 65228]

Whjilst Gallus Galus listed this on Spooks:

10430kHz 2205Z 16/07 USB in progress


Peter of Saffron Walden notes that the 'English Man' continues to be one of the busiest of the English Language stations, the weekly Saturday afternoon schedule continues in July: 1230Z on 17480kHz and 1330Z 14870kHz. There used to be a separate E06 schedule on the second and fourth Saturdays in the month at 1400Z and 1500Z but I haven't been able to find one since.

13910kHz 2010Z 03/07 [307 Group Message] also 17/07, weak unreadable
11465kHz 2110Z 03/07 also 17/07 rptg 206, 17/07 620 for 1h+


Gert reports hearing :

13910kHz 2010Z 09/07 with two messages:

And concludes that observations made over all the Monday slots in July are worthwhile.

Captain Davros proved that fact by reporting hearing E06 on 16/07.

Gallus Galus listed this on Spooks:

10430kHz 2205Z 16/07 USB in progress


and hfd this:

11465kHz 2127Z 17/07 [620, more than 1h]

Anon of UK confirms :

12210kHz 2010Z 06/08 [ID 831 335 Group Message].
10230kHz 2110Z 13/08 [ID 831]

repeated on Tuesdays.

Greg Hajek[US] reports via Spooks:

12210kHz 2010Z 13/08 [USB Rptg 831x3 00000].


as well as copying:

7720kHz 1915Z 15/08 [ID 941] and repeated 2015Z 5760kHz, again ID 941. [rptd Thursday].


'C' reports:

13429kHz 2121Z 27/07 [687/309-55] Strong sig


Whilst Joerg Eberhardt, Germany reported this via 'Spooks':

13877kHz 1400Z 08/08 [856-204/61 48676] note: tx in USB


Anon, Scandinavia sends, via Spooks:

12210kHz 2010Z 20/08 [831/ 205 147]


Mondays and Wednesdays at 2100Z, 2120Z, 2140Z. H+20 and H+40 repeats of 2100Z broadcast.

Last time Gert answered some questions regarding the 05nnZ slot and now fills in the missing 0550Z frequency. Gert also notices that the previous early frequencies chosen remain the same for July:

0510Z 8251kHz wed only
0530Z 9476kHz  
0550Z 10631kHz  
2000Z 15640kHz  
2020Z 13870kHz  
2040Z 12205kHz  

Cap'n Davros reported hearing E07 on 16/07 on the above freqs whilst Ary posted:

12205kHz 2040Z 09/07 [682 5FGs 000 000].


Anon of UK remarked that the 0510Z on 8250kHz was a very strong signal and much better than the 2000Z transmission.

hfd reported:

12203kHz 2040Z 18/07 [482 1 443 52 74056 ...000 000]
13872kHz 2020Z 18/07 [482 1 443 52 74056 ...000 000]
15638kHz 2000Z 18/07 [682 1 443 52 74056 ...000 000]


E07 Used same frequencies as in May for June freqs.

16284kHz 2000Z 27/06 [234:1-3915/109=45226]
14289kHz 2020Z 27/06  
14389kHz 2020Z 18/06  
13447kHz 2040Z 27/06  


Gert sent the 05nnZ August freqs in as:

- mon 0500Z 9343kHz 392
0520Z 10943kHz  
0540Z not found yet  

[Gert notes this as a new slot].

- wed 0510Z 7739kHz 701
0530Z 9042kHz  
0550Z not found yet  


Mike of Kent reports:

7739kHz 0510Z 17/08 701 null mssg May freq? New sked
9042kHz 0530Z 17/08 701 null mssg May freq? New Sked
  0550Z 17/08 NRH in band 10800 to 11200  

whilst Anon of UK sent the 20nnZ August freqs in as:

E07 Monday and Wednesday August.

14910kHz 2000Z
13505kHz 2020Z
12090kHz 2040Z

ID 950

Hfd confirmed freqs:

14911kHz 2000Z 06/08 [950:1-5219/178=22797, qrt at 2020Z]
13506kHz 2025Z 06/08 qrt at 2045Z

but did not find last freq, whilst AnonUK offers this:


14910kHz 2000Z 06/08 ID [950 178 Group Message]
13505kHz 2020Z 06/08 ID [950 178 Group Message]
12090kHz 2040Z 06/08 ID [950 178 Group Message]


Anon, Scandinavia sends, via Spooks:

13506kHz 2020Z 20/08 AM weak
14911kHz 2000Z 20/08 AM weak, no message


Gert of Holland reports:

6912kHz 2100Z 25/07 [VLBR55288461260715F100T19K100Z77260715461]


Breaking the group up above one finds certain similarities repeated within the actual message:
VLBR 55288 461[1] 260[2] 715[3] F 100[4] T19K 100[4] Z77 260[2] 715[3] 461[1].

Thanks for that log and this info Gert.

Whilst this rare snippet comes from Clavestrian of Hungary, "This happened at 0228Z 01/08 on 4270kHz. I heard a Mossad station sending this message.During the 5LG-s I could hear short white noise QRM, circa 1sec. long and repeated every 5-6 sec. Suddenly with the interuption of the noise pulses the transmission was abrupted without any "end of message" or "end of transmission".After 1 or 2 minutes of silence the station said once:"Victor,Charlie,Delta"After this SILENCE! At 02:31 the station began the normal regime :PCD,PCD,PCD (some minutes)and so on..... Retrospectively I think that the white noise pulses were "external" because when the PCD-s message was finished I also could hear them BUT the abruption was real. [Thanks Clavestrian, nice work]!

C writes:

E10 - 'ABC' NOTED MAKING RARE TRANSMISSION The mysterious ABC was noted on SAT June 30th at 20.43 on 6428 kHz. Sending the ABC idler until 20.49 when it paused for several minutes until 20.53, transmissions continued until 21.09 when it ended abruptly with no message. ABC is most probably a 'type 3' station (see Issue 3 for explanation) and is unlikely to send anything other than 'ABC' or perhaps an additional letter or number. It is almost certain that there will be at least one other frequency used by this call. Anyone any idea where ABC is hiding ?

The ABC call breaks the rule of E10 stations - as ART is already allocated the 'A' and no two other E10 stations use the same starting letter in the callsign, e.g. EZI is the only station that uses 'E' etc.

EZI FLIRTS WITH 9170 - On FRI August 3rd I noted an E10 transmission in full flow on 9170, not recognising the frequency I tuned to other active channels and discovered it was EZI in parallel with 11565. EZI was not present on 9130 its usual frequency. I have not heard it since on 9170 so it was either a test or perhaps a mix up at the transmitter site (not surprising with this very busy network). Thanks 'C'.

'C's log also lists 10778kHz [2047Z 07/07] and 12376kHz [2045Z 27/07] as new CIO freqs.

E10 log from M of Kent:

4535kHz 0145Z 18/08 ART S7 Grp 119, abrupt off at 0154Z in mid group, no sign-off ??
4535kHz 0201Z 18/08 ART S6 Grp 14
5435kHz 2115Z 17/08 ART S7 Grp 111
6912kHz 0145Z 18/08 VLB2 S5 Off 0150Z
6930kHz 0145Z 18/08 SYN2 S8 Off 0150Z
13921kHz 2045Z 17/08 CIO2 S8 off 2050Z


All in all a lot of work on E10 this issue. Thanks to all concerned.


Has been heard on Tuesdays at 1230Z 9450kHz, ID 312, and at 1300Z 9950kHz. The 0800Z transmission on Thurs/Fri remains on the same frequency.

9450kHz 1230Z 17/06 [312 oblique 00 repeated 20/07]
  1300Z   Nil Required Heard
9450kHz 1230Z 04/07 [312/00]
  1230Z 10/08 [312-00 null msg]
  1300Z 10/08 [NRH 9450/9950/8033]
9950kHz 1300Z 04/07 [183/00]
10050kHz 0800Z 12/07 [232/00]Hz


Mike of Kent sent the following observation in:

E15 is alive and well.

14000kHz 1300Z 11/07 [FYP,weak, poor]

and makes this valid comment:

Interesting that FYP was on at 1400BST on 14000k, wonder if it's working to BST now, as that has been the long standing sked - will try the other freqs this way as time allows. NRH at 2000BST.

The next day Mike sent:

E15 is certainly working to BST.

18000kHz 1000Z (1100BST) 12/07 QRU null message 13 mins.

Well done Mike!

With the above in evidence we again print the known schedule, note all times Zulu/GMT, [for BST +1hr]:

1100Z 18000kHz BEC 1700Z 14000kHz FYS 2100Z 4130kHz MSA
1200Z 17503kHz WSP 1730Z 5834kHz MSA    
1230Z 11170kHz OSS 1800Z 5834kHz WSP    
1300Z 11000kHz BEC 1900Z 4130kHz PAR    
1400Z 14000kHz FYP 2000Z 5530kHz NAS    
1630Z 6715kHz NAS 2030Z 5530kHz BEC    


Jmm queries hearing this station as:

10450kHz 0500Z 24/06

Jmm reported sigs as "heavily distorted" and 65 groups.

Nathan [US] reported, via Spooks:

9142 kHz   0200Z 09/08 [764: 315 79 13395 20401 62836 82382 69913 99298...] AM


AnonUK remarks on this stations apparent absence: " Should have been on Wednesday and Thursday. [10/07 & 11/07] I tuned from 5000kHz to13500kHz but could not hear it anywhere, wonder if that has ended.


Best frequency is usually 8188kHz. 4 weekly cycle starting on the first Monday of the Month.

Transmits Monday Wednesday and Thursday. Reported as active at end of June by Anon of UK.

Week 1 0957Z 6507kHz 1157Z 8188kHz 1257Z 5340kHz    
Week 2 Was M4 but carrier only on frequency              
  0957Z 7250kHz 1157Z 8188kHz 1257Z 5748kHz    
Week 3 0757Z 4832kHz 0957Z 6200kHz 1157Z 8188kHz 1257Z 6507kHz
Week 4 0757z 5340kHz 0957Z 8188kHz 1157Z 7250kHz    

Week 4 in AM only.

8188kHz 1157Z 03/07 [54505 42780 47533]
  1157Z 16/07 [69023 79503 22999]


Despite the non-activity we received this report from Mike of Kent:

'Possible activity on 9450kHz at 0935Z 09/08. OM totally unreadable.' Reports to E2k please

[Well done Mike].


Has yet to come to notice again since beginning June 01. Perusal of its Morse counterpart, M29, shows reduced activity to date.


10190kHz 2000Z 06/08 ID 308 Null Message  
10240kHz 1900Z 02/07 [308 x3 00000] LSB suppressed
12180kHz 1900Z 02/07 [308 x3 00000] LSB suppressed


PoSW remarks, 'Similar frequencies used in July last year. This one has been no message so far this year.' Peter does own up to having missed it in February!


5745kHz 1800Z 24/07 [614x3 00000]
10230kHz 1200Z 03/07 [831 Null Message]
12165kHz 1200Z 03/07 [831 Null Message]

Further S06 observations come from Gert as:

14560kHz 2015Z 09/07 [Null msg 035]
  2015Z 23/07 [Null msg 035]


RUSSIAN MAN SINGLE GROUP MESSAGE - I noted a rare 'single group' message from the familiar Russian Man (S6c) on SAT July 28th at 1838Z on 8185 kHz. A single 5F group of '11415' was sent and repeated in 5 minute blocks followed by breaks of a similar length. The group did not change throughout the transmission despite the long pauses. [Thanks 'C']


This station came up on schedule as:

10642kHz 1300Z 02/07 and continued, like its Morse counterpart, M10E, until, and including 06/07.

The obvious question concerned the next cycle and whether S10E/M10E will actually transmit on 30/07 or wait until 06/08. D of Kent rang in to state that it, and M10E, certainly did and he says that the powers that be who control S10E must have read E2k newsletter and his comments about their equipment needing servicing. As a result:

10462kHz 1300Z 30/07 [Good strong signals without usual signal aberrations].


On Sunday 12th August at 1225Z onwards D of Kent reported heard on 6945kHz:

1228Z: carrier came up.
1231Z: '555' very weakly heard, followed by a 30s pause then two long MCW tones.
1236Z: '313' once only heard. Nothing else, carrier remains up.
1250Z: Normal S17C traffic heard.
1257Z: Konec

Heavy QRM/QSB on entire transmission, strength overall S0.

D of Kent thought that he was hallucinating at what he had received, but referred to his taped copy for verification prior to contacting E2k by landline. Thanks D of Kent.

Anon UK heard the following error on 07/08 when the content '313 42 42 05 05 85044' was also heard on 11416kHz. Despite continued monitoring by AnonUK and D of Kent nothing else has been heard from S17C on that frequency. AnonUK points out that 11416kHz is also an M10 frequency. One can assume that there is a link between the two stations.

6945kHz 1250Z 07/08 [313 42 42 05 05 85044] // 11416kHz? Possible error


This station was heard by Anon of UK who remarked on the very poor signal strength.

5373kHz 1742Z 14/08

S30 [XT]

3757kHz 2125Z 17/08 S5


5417kHz 0200Z 27/07
8097kHz 0604Z 08/11
9328kHz 0600Z 20/08
10445kHz 0530Z 18/06


V02a Note the references to V02a transmissions and those of M08a [from John Maky US].

5117kHz 0205Z 13/07 [changed from 5116kHz 0200Z 13/07 CW UURDN]
5762kHz 0200Z 30/06  
6768kHz 0100Z 30/06  
7555kHz 0311Z 29/07  
7887kHz 0200Z 29/07  
9153kHz 0700Z 28/06 [73672 53133 76991]
11566kHz 0300Z 13/07 [AM late start - mixing w/M8a]
12215kHz 0200Z 12/07 [95822 08382 20222]
12835kHz 0600Z 02/07  


Takashi of Nagasaki noted this of V02 and V02a for those listening in the Asiatics: Recently it has been pretty hard to hear V02 and V02a, but only 13374kHz can be heard regularly at 0700z every Sunday, which is of maximum signal strength but very low modulation.

On 6900kHz the un-modulated carrier has been on for the past three months.S06 transmissions can be heard occasionally on this freq at H+00 or 30 in East Asian night. Thanks Takashi.


14680kHz 2100Z 06/07 'ocho tres seis x3.

Always on the first of the month, this station has not been heard for a time.

Peter, who reported this, remarked that it must have been the second sending. Very strong signal, lower sideband well suppressed. Carrier with tone noted on frequency 12 minutes earlier.


Peter of Saffron Walden makes this observation, "The V02 YL remains the most widely heard Spanish Number station. On Thursday 5th July I spent a few minutes tuning around looking for the Spanish language V07. I had previously been able to listen on a Thursday morning, V07 was on at 0610Z on 9283kHz and 0630Z on 10357kHz, regardless of the month, but I could find no trace - it was certainly on in May. Perhaps it has gone the same way as the G07 German YL. "


This interesting find from C:

ARABIC MUSIC STATION I was surprised to come across V08 on a new frequency and at a new time (to me, anyway). This station has in the past restricted itself mainly to 6645 and 11290. I came across V8 on THUR July 26th at 2006Z on a new frequency which I measured at 7662 kHz (although it was a little unstable), the message read by a Female announcer was in progress and ended at 2108Z with some 'Arabic' style music sent at quite low modulation. Most interestingly the carrier remained on (along with that strange associated 'clicking' sound) until 2100Z when the message and music were sent again. Clearly this was an important message. Transmitter went off at 2113Z.


13750kHz 1400Z 11/07 [YL/CC/4FGx2]
  1400Z 27/07 [flute interval YL/CC 4fgx2]


6529kHz 2220Z 16/07 [OM/SS "The Babbler"]


Signal strengths have not been as solid as usual towards the end of June,there having been some propagation changes.15677kHz has been a poor choice with XPH signals hetrodyning with the BC [Chinese?] station occupying that frequency. Towards the end of the month the best evening transmission was indeed the 12211kHz which reappeared on 26/06 despite the short 2 min transmission of the null message prior.

June Freqs Tuesdays and Fridays:

12173kHz 0600Z 05/06 08/06 12/06 [Strong sigs SW London]
13473kHz 0620Z 05/06 08/06 12/06 [................ditto................]
14973kHz 0640Z 05/06 08/06 12/06 [................ditto................]
15677kHz 2000Z 05/06 08/06   [Strong sigs S London]
13901kHz 2020Z 05/06 08/06   [..............ditto............. ]
12211kHz 2040Z 05/06 08/06   [..............ditto............. ]


July frequencies confirmed [John of Aylsbury and Paul of London] as:

0600Z 11623kHz 03/07 06/07 10/07 13/07 17/07 20/07 24/07 27/07 31/07
0620Z 13523kHz 03/07 06/07 10/07 13/07 17/07 20/07 24/07 27/07 31/07
0640Z 14523kHz 03/07 06/07 10/07 13/07 17/07 20/07 24/07 NRH NRH


2000Z 14846kHz 03/07 06/07 10/07 13/07 17/07 20/07 - 27/07 31/07
2020Z 13438kHz 03/07 06/07 10/07 13/07 17/07 20/07 - 27/07 31/07
2040Z 12156kHz 03/07 06/07 NRH NRH NRH NRH - NRH NRH


John Maky [US] reported hearing XPH on 25/07 at 2000Z on 14846kHz (out of sched) as well as the scheduled 2000Z 27/07 and 13438kHz 2020Z 27/07

Some apparent problems with the XPH transmitter on 14523kHz preceding the 0640Z offering on 06/07 as follows:

Up at 0632Z off at 0632:30Z S9+20dB
Up at 0633Z off at 0634Z S9+20dB
Up at 0635:30Z loud hum on carrier, off at 0636Z. S9+20dB
Up again at 0636:15Z no hum. S7
0638:15Z strong hum on freq again then low carrier at 0638:30Z  
0640 to 0643Z Very weak and down in noise to start, rising to S8 at end.

Prior to start up freq had some BC and general noise.

This 'problem' also manifested itself on 10/07 and 13/07 and has not been noticed in July since.

However on 17/07 2000Z 14846kHz transmission was rudely interrupted in mid-stream when at 2000:30Z all ceased. No carrier or tones were heard and the signal returned at 2002Z with a somewhat rough note with reduced signal strength, the transmission ending at 2002:30Z. On Friday 27/06 at 0600Z the problematic on/off carrier did not appear.

August frequencies confirmed by John of Aylesbury to be:

0600Z 11623kHz 03/08 07/08 10/08 - 17/08 21/08
0620Z 13523kHz 03/08 07/08 10/08 14/08 17/08 21/08
0640Z 14523kHz 03/08 07/08 NRH NRH NRH NRH
    03/08 07/08        
2000Z 15657kHz 03/08 07/08 10/08 14/08 NRH 21/08
2020Z 13970kHz 03/08 07/08 NRH 14/08 NRH 21/08
2040Z 12206kHz 03/08 07/08 10/08 14/08 NRH 21/08


The morning frequencies remain unchanged. As such the first slot [0600Z, 11623kHz] attracts hetrodyne from the very strong emanations of Vatican Radio. The worrying resultant Het tone, circa 2040Hz, does not seem to cause any negative effect to the polytone transmitted on the same freq. A short sample run using VM's excellent 'Xperta' program stood witness to this. Perusal of a spectrogram of the same sample clearly shows the various tones, irrespective of the interference from Vatican Radio.

Bearing in mind that John's 25/07 spotting was out of sched this report is also interesting:

XPH on Monday 06/08 at 0720Z until 0726Z. Mike of Kent reported hearing polytone activity on 15790kHz, a frequency previously used in February.

At 0740Z Mike tuned to 16290kHz but makes the comment 'Nil required heard'. Whilst the 16290kHz freq was NRH the earlier 0700Z transmission was apparently missed but may have occurred on 14890kHz. If this is a new schedule then as the month turns the following frequencies may be of interest to the XPH'ers on a Monday morning, 13410, 14910, 16110kHz. In the evening 9450, 5782 or 7962, 4582kHz may apply. Reports to E2k please.

*At the time of writing, the entire evening slot 17/08 has not been heard, was it no tx by design or has the freq moved?

[Thanks to John of Aylesbury for his continued reporting of this station].

Please send your voice logs to e2k_news@hotmail.com

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