ENIGMA 2000 Newsletter - Issue 6

September 2001
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This is still very active and seems to be 24h per day. Transmissions continue between 5.1 and 5.8 MHz. In the last issue I wrote how it was crashing about and I am sure that many users will be less than happy with its care free attitude. On Wed July 18th it was directly on top of RAF Volmet on 5450 kHz causing severe interference. At that time it was working between 5440 and 5475 kHz. On Fri July 27th at 21.00 it was centred around 5860 (very high) and was crashing Vatican Radio (in Arabic) on 5885, the upper spread of the Buzzsaw was an amazing 5898 kHz. Vatican Radio was also under a very heavy teleprinter bang on 5885, which will teach it to go in the Fixed Service band !

Faders (XF)

In the last issue I speculated that these had closed. I have since read further confirmation of this via Numbers & Oddities Newsletter. It would appear that this mode may have been replaced by more modern methods of communication.

FSK bursts

Previously discussed in Issue 2, this particular station operates on 5435 kHz (approx) and can be heard along with E10's transmission.

JMM writes: There is another one of the same type you can hear on 11610kHz at 2130Z. This frequency is not (yet) listed in the E2K NL. It sounds very weak compared to its 5435 counterpart, covered by mighty BC transmitters (China Radio International FF programme at this time)

If you know anything about this station, its purpose and transmitter location(s) or can decode its messages, please contact ENIGMA 2000.


7019kHz XBS 0218Z 18/08 A whopper, S9+, bubble jammer under XJT - see below.

Jet (XJT)

8636/8460kHz 2120Z 17/08 Both S3 only

Further report states:

0222/30Z S5-S7 on its 10 freqs 2170/2193/2381/2580/2592 2613/2660/4224/4300/4565.

Still on all freqs at 03.00z

Link 11

I was most interested to read that LINK 11 was associated with the EP3 Spy Plane (now returned to the US in bits) which made an emergency landing on Chinese soil. In Europe LINK 11 is easy to find and I wonder what it is used for in this part of the world?

Recent frequencies include - 4702 5732 6245 6880 7831 8030 8160 8303 9280 (often heard) and 13420.

Slot machine (XSL)

XSL is heard on 4233, 4292, 6419, 6466, 8589 and 8703.5kHz. USB mode

Still being heard in US, Oceania and like areas.

XSL general transmission times [freqs of 8588.0//8703.5]

Sun 1600Z    
Mon 1700Z 2215Z  
Tue 1510Z 1530Z 1600Z
Wed 1400Z 1500Z 1545Z
Thu 1600Z    
Fri 1450Z 1600Z  
Sat 1400Z 1600Z 1700Z


6417.0kHz 1400Z 01/08
6445.0kHz 1400Z 01/08
8588.0kHz 1400Z 01/08
8703.5kHz 1400Z 01/08


However Takashi has noticed that Noisy XSL can be heard a lot on 4233, 4293, 6417, 6445, 8588 and 8703.5kHz In the daytime 4233kHz is silent. Propagation?

Six notes (X06)

We have received an interesting response from Ary concerning this strange signal. "X06 is the same as M42. It is simply a selcall system used by M42 to call stations outside the normal schedules.

This system is called 'mazielka'. No idea what it means and isn't a Russian name.

'Mazielka' may be a NATO/western military nickname. As M42 is a 'diplomatic' network, the selcal is probably used for stations that have no fixed schedule and to call stations outside the fixed schedule. Transmissions usually appear within 30 minutes of the call. Often preceded by a CW callup. The transmission is not necessarily on the same freq as the mazielka and may be on another pre-defined frequency. [M42 is listed in the ENIGMA control list as FAPSI networks].

Gert has recently heard X06 as:

9106kHz 2100Z 15/06  
14932kHz 2000Z 20/06 also on 11093kHz.


LP reports:

10241kHz 2245Z 09/06 auto 6-note Fair signal ending at 2248Z


More Info on 'oddities' can be found on Brian of Sussex excellent web pages:


Thanks to AK, Anon UK, Anon Scandinavia, Ary, C, 'D', D of Kent, Eddy of Australia, Gert of Holland, HFD, IB, J of Aylesbury, JM, Ben Mesander, JMM, John of Derby, K of Kent, LP, Mike of Kent, Mark Slaten, Peter of Saffron Walden, R anon, Rob of Essex, Spy Numbers Robot, Takashi of Nagasaki and all others for their contributions to the Morse, Voice and Oddities columns.

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