ENIGMA 2000 Newsletter - Issue 6

September 2001
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News & items of interest

An obituary by 'C'

JOHN WALTERS - I was saddened to hear of the sudden death of the Radio and Television presenter John Walters, at the age of 63. John passed away on Tuesday July 31st. He was best known as the producer of John Peel's music show on BBC Radio 1 and for presenting radio shows of his own. Alongside his work with John Peel, John Walters also produced Jimmy Saville's 'Saville's Travels' as well as Andy Kershaw's programme, showcasing music from the developing world. John Walters was also a broadcaster in his own right, with programmes like Walters Weekly, Loose Ends and Idle Thoughts under his belt.

It was his involvement with the television programme Here & Now and my involvement with ENIGMA which allowed me to meet John Walters in 1997. John along with a producer, camera man and sound engineer all visited my home and also made a 'site visit' to Menwith Hill to film a 10 minute piece about Number Stations. The programme was broadcast on BBC1 television on MON 21st April 1997. John's whimsical and relaxed style made my one and only television appearance a day I will always remember. I am sure he will be greatly missed.

[Thank you 'C'. Those of us who saw John Walters' report on ENIGMA in 1997 will remember that piece with mixed feelings].

A Speculative View of E03a

A Speculative View of E03a as a message carrier for a different style of 'Stay behind' Network has circulated the gossip circles in Australia for some time. Here, from 'Black Jack' of Oz, we print those views:

To date it has always been thought that E03a with her 'Cherry Ripe' and excellent British accent has been transmitted from the island of Guam. However an anonymous E2k source has sent this speculative view to us. [Read E03a in Selected Voice Stations too]:

"Hong Kong is about to be returned to China and some HK public servants are anxious to leave, but they don't have either the skills, the capital or the political refugee status that would see them welcomed as migrants anywhere else. A chappy "attached to the Foreign Office" approaches them individually with a solution - in return for undertaking a few regular tasks, they will be provided with a well-paid job in HK and their immediate family will be granted permanent residency in Sydney. In the fullness of time they can apply for Australian citizenship, with powerful sponsors guaranteed. After this they can fulfil their filial obligations by bringing their parents, brothers etc across under Australia's Family Reunion program, keeping them all safe from the Public Security Agency's attentions.
All well and good, but in parts of Sydney, Australia, the Chinese community might as well be back in HK, given the amount of Chinese government scrutiny they suddenly find themselves under. China is Australia's most important trading partner and they are not afraid to pressure Australia about dissidents and "bad elements". So there can be no contact with UK officials. All orders are transmitted by radio.
Changing political fortunes affect them too. Historically Australia's conservatives, the Nationals, get 10% of the primary vote. But lately their supporters have been leaving them in droves for One Nation with its strong policy against Asian immigration. The Nationals put pressure on their allies in government, the Liberals, to change migration policy. The Liberals respond by closing the Family Reunion program, making it harder for permanent residents to become citizens. So things look a bit iffy for people already engaged in a risky activity."

Our source adds by way of a footnote, "All just speculation and gossip, of course, but I wonder if there is any basis for it?"

As ever, Comments via the usual channels please.

Mobile Phone Technology puts Stealth Planes at risk.

In 1999 during the Yugoslavia bombings a Stealth fighter was downed. Many claims existed from it being visible to radar when it rained [clutter] or that a spy had actually disclosed the mission and targets.

PRAVDA printed an interesting piece on this matter in which it claimed emissions from Mobile Telephone masts can be used in conjunction with GPS to detect, pinpoint and eventually be used to destroy aircraft using stealth technology. The piece, written by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, states,

"Using retransmission antennae from mobile telephone networks with GPS navigation systems will prove fatal for these aircraft, according to research from a British engineering group. The multi-channel terrestrial receptor systems for mobile telephone networks create a low-frequency radiation. UMTS, or third generation (3g), technology allows rapid Internet access at 28 and 40 GHz (Giga Hertz). It is precisely at these frequencies that the new passive radio system functions.
The constant emission of this signal, when issued between retransmission antennae, creates an invisible screen, which is broken whenever an aeroplane violates its space. In this way any passage of a Stealth weapon system can be easily monitored, through analysis of the disturbance of the field under study.
If a plane flies over the area targeted, the signals that the antennae send to the air are interfered with and therefore any Stealth aircraft can be detected and, if necessary, destroyed. The detection system uses receivers similar to TV antennae to capture distortion signals and if a GPS system is added, any computer can capture the result, even a laptop, which could register the position of an aircraft to within 10 metres."
[Taken from Pravda 25/06/01, written by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey].

US Army officer a Spy.

Lt-Colonel George Trofimoff was arrested trying to get money from a Russian handler who was a FBI agent. For 26 years, 1968 to 1994, Trofimoff was involved with an intelligence centre in Germany.

In court the prosecution alleged that Trofimoff had collected $300,000 for photographing US Intelligence documents and giving them to the Russian KGB.

The defected former KGB General, Oleg Kalugin, testified at the trial that Trofimof was a top spy for the Soviet Union. Trofimof, who is 74, was found guilty.

Spy equipment produced in Saransk.

Two males in Saransk were arrested by agents of the Mordvinian Ministry of Internal Affairs department "R", which deals with crimes involving high technology.

The two men had produced 'spy' equipment presumably using CCD cameras and miniature microphones.

The equipment was described in the original article as, 'camcorder not smaller than a match box with 1-millimetre diameter ' and also as, ' sound- and video-recording equipment' compatible with VCR's.

The devices were sold for as little as two thousand roubles, around GBP43.00 [or $69].

The young men were accused of illegal production, sale and acquisition for sale aims of technical facilities, aimed for secret obtaining of information and sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment.

Espionage Charge on American Scholar?

A US Fulbright scholar, John Tobin has been arrested on a drug conviction in Russia.

The spy claim was made when a Russian Scholar, Scientist Dmitry Kuznetsov stated that Tobin had interrogated him whilst he was in prison in the US. Dmitry Kuznetsov is recorded ad having served a 6th Month term in Bridgeport Jail in Connecticut, but no record exists of him being visited by John Tobin whilst in the Dept of Correction's care.

John Tobin was doing Political Research at a university in Voronezh at the time of his arrest outside a local nightclub. He was sentenced to 37 months, in April 2001,but later reduced to a year on appeal.

Whilst the espionage charges were never filed Tobin claimed that he was framed because he refused to become a spy for Russia.

Bowman system to replace Clansman.

The forty year old Clansman system wiil now be replaced at a cost of £1.8Billion. The contract to build and supply the new battlefield radios has been awarded to Computing Devices Canada.

It is expected that 1600 workers in Oakdale, Gwent, South Wales will start production in 2004.

Huge support costs for Clansman added burden of some £200M. Clansman was designed in the 1960's and has become obsolete and unusuable according to reports.

During the Kosovan conflict British troops turned to mobile phone use due to the ability of the Serb troops to easily eavesdrop on the Clansman transmissions.

The 12 year delay made Bowman a by-word for mismanagement by Army procurement, it is said, the apparent run of bungled MoD contracts had cost £2.8Billion.

Geoff Hoon, Defence Secretary is reported as having stated, 'Our armed forces can now look forward to receiving the most modern and integrated secure communications system anywhere in the world.'

Menwith Hill Activity

Approximately 100 peace protesters entered Menwith at 0500 on 2nd July, 2001 according to Greenpeace. Three groups entered in protest against the 'Son of Star Wars' National Missile Defence programme. Two teams scaled razor wire topped fences to get in and later twelve protesters were seen atop a water tower.

Fifty others audaciously marched straight through the main gates of the complex whilst playing the theme tune to Mission Impossible.

Flags emblazoned with anti-Star Wars slogans were seen as were demonstrators dressed as missiles.

Some arrests were made according to the MoD. North Yorkshire Police were known to have attended.

Outside the base others collected around the main entrance and shouted at workers as they were arriving for work. Stephen Tindale, the Greenpeace UK Executive Director said George Bush's NMD was 'a disaster' and called on Tony Blair to refuse American requests to use Menwith Hill and Fylingdales as part of the NMD.

RAF Akrotiri attacked.

At the beginning of July 40 persons were injured and damage worth about £300,000 was caused when youths rampaged and entered the British Sovereign Base.

The trouble started when a local MP was arrested staging a protest against the erection of 2 more radio masts. The Cypriot Government has requested a delay in the work until electromagnetic tests have been carried out.

The Times newspaper carried a full report on the troubles and background being of interest to E2k:

"Britain regards its two sovereign military bases on Cyprus as vital strategic interests, despite the end of the Cold War. Since the 1960s the bases have helped protect Britain's oil interests, in part replacing the Suez Canal foothold removed by Egypt's President Nasser. They collect intelligence for GCHQ, the Government's communications centre in Cheltenham. A British official said: " Cyprus is in a unique position in the world. It is at the junction of three continents. It is a really important place for us as part of our worldwide strategic communications network. "
American U2 spy planes use the RAF Akrotiri base to monitor the Camp David peace accords in the Middle East.
[Taken from The Times 05/07:
Forty hurt in Cyprus base attack by Michael Theodoulou and Michael Evans].

3500 British Soldiers are deployed in the two bases in Cyprus, which cost £168Million to run.


Peru has recovered about £13m. kept in secret Cayman Islands accounts linked to former spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos.

The money is a small fraction of the amount thought to have been hidden away by the head of intelligence under former president Alberto Fujimori. Mr. Montesinos is now in jail in Lima awaiting trial on corruption charges.

Meanwhile, Peru's congress has called on Mr. Fujimori to return from Japan to face charges of human rights abuses. [John of Aylesbury, tnx]


Issue 3 of EyeSpy! Magazine carries an interesting article entitled 'The Numbers Game' written by Harry Palmer. The flavour continues with articles on Comms interception, Echelon etc. A recommended read.

Also a letter concerning MV Gaul can be read.

E2k has already received this little adjunct about the depths of oilfields at sea: "Re: Gaul - NL 5 [ENIGMA 2000] & ES!3 Ed.[EyeSpy Mag Issue 3], Letter. Most of Gulf, i.e. Arabian side is no more than 150 ft. The deepest, more to the Iranian side, is no more than 600 ft. Brazilian fields are much deeper. Still I expect the same type of ROV's are used for both." That was received anonymously - tnx sender.

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