ENIGMA 2000 Newsletter - Issue 6

September 2001
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Selected Morse stations


The station that was documented in Issue 5 has apparently been logged since 1993 onwards. It once had a fixed daytime schedule which now seems to have ceased. Nowadays it appears to come on randomly, in both time and frequency.

5520kHz 0800Z 12/07 [017/00]
7256kHz 1630Z 22/06 [287/00]


Hand sent and using short zero. On regular schedule.

4905kHz 2000Z 28/06 [ 025-214/40=7146n no EoM transm].


Usually ICW, sent at about 17wpm but one slow [8wpm]. The speeds vary between 17 and 8 WPM . Some of the null calls are in MCW. The slow one has not been on Mondays and Tuesdays at 0800 and 0900 for a very long time. That ID, 508 is on at present on Tuesday at 0745 on 10250.

We have been informed that the 6905kHz 2000Z 10/04 documented in Issue 4 with ID 121 is a special ID that can come on at any time. [Thanks Anon of UK].


AnonUK sent these interesting observations in:

9113kHz 0800Z 12/07 [UMTTA TIDRD UDGUD]
11433kHz 0800Z 12/07 [RUMAW DTANA MUAGA] (Unusual 5 as last figure, first group)

and these from Mark Slaten via 'Spooks' who converted the cut figs and noticed the same!

9113kHz 0800Z 12/07 [49001 07363 43843]
11432kHz 0800Z 12/07 [64915 30121 94181 (note "5" ending first gr)]


An interesting anomaly occurred in the early hours of 22/06. As reported by Mark Slaten via 'Spooks':

4027kHz 0300Z 22/06 [46304 59782 50923 (stops at 0301Z QSY to 5758kHz]
5758kHz 0301Z 22/06 [46304 59782 50923 (stops at 0303z QSY back to 4027kHz]
4027kHz 0303Z 22/06 [in progress from 5758kHz]

Seemed as though the operator had his frequencies mixed up, or perhaps a little confused himself?

On another occasion, 13/07, John Maky US reports anomalous behaviour concerning M08a and V02a

Mark Slaten US remarked that the 29/07 9052kHz 0510Z transmission was up late due to transmitter going up and down. [Seems to be a general malady at moment, see XPH]

Regarding M08a, Takashi has this to say from Nagasaki: M08a, The Cuban Cut CW numbers, can be heard a lot from 0700z to 1300z (From East Asian evening to night). Occasionally two different M08a transmissions can be heard simultaneously on the different freq. Trying a lot, I've never heard this one before 0700z. Where is this M08a transmitting from in Cuba?

4016kHz 0400Z 21/06 [35511 25782 49573]
4027kHz 0300Z 13/07 [UURDN ID_MA NGM_N]
5116kHz 0200Z 13/07 [UURDN] See V02a
5419kHz 0300Z 21/06 [35511 25782 49573]
7526kHz 2200Z 24/07 [UDNWA UIDTD NWIRN]
7863kHz 0800Z 16/08 [51652 09181 64981]
7976kHz 0800Z 24/06  
8010kHz 0800Z 22/06 [94773 62181 09251] 2230Z 02/07 [23442]
8135kHz 2300Z 24/07 [UDNWA UIDTD NWIRN] 2300Z09/08[80122 88783 53473]
9052kHz 0510Z 29/07  
9062kHz 0500Z 15/07 [74093 69322 01591]
9239kHz 1100Z 15/07 [07281 54563 01592]
9330kHz 0715Z 16/08 then 0700Z 17/08 150grps R3 ends 0737Z
10120kHz 0517Z 18/07  
10235kHz 0400Z 15/07 [74093 69322 01591]
10236kHz 0800Z 24/06 [49353 09881 79491]
10446kHz 0800Z 18/06 [27881 ----- 56722 (in progress)]
11432kHz 0800Z 16/08 [96801 04622 88642]


8190kHz 0210Z 30/06 [555x3 275x3 24 450x3 18 (R5)]
  0210Z 01/07 [555x3 275x3 24 450x3 18 (R5)]
  0210Z 05/07 [555x3 275x3 21 450x3 31 (R5)]
  0210Z 14/07 [555x3 186x3 25 450x3 31 (R5) ]//7845


Apart from the 0210Z 8190kHz slot AnonUK has found M10 to be extremely busy with many transmissions each day and sent these examples to us:

The 1720Z and 2100Z transmissions have been on daily for some weeks now.

The 5737kHz transmission was as follows:

5737kHz 0800Z 12/07 [555x3 708x3 30]

AnonUK observed that other transmissions probably exist too. Pse notify E2k if you are aware of them.

Mark Slaten [US] found 0410Z 8112kHz where the 0210Z 14/07 transmission was repeated 15/07.

LP remarks "9330kHz is allocated to, and used by BC stn WBCQ Montecello, Maine, USA.


July's transmission was heard as:

5020kHz 0900Z 02/07 continuing until [and including] 06/07

This schedule is reflected in S10E


Logs in numerical order:

Again we thank Peter of Saffron Walden for his splendid analysis of this station along with Peter's log.

Peter writes: "M12 cw remains busy, although the late Friday evening schedule has changed for the July. The earlier evening schedules of 8084, 6856 and 5788kHz remain as for the last few months except for the schedule which operates on Mondays and Thursdays starting at 1700Z with call 462. Here, the first sending has shifted from 8084kHz to 8064kHz. I assume this is because M12's owners realised that the first sending was being flattened by an E05 transmission at 1700Z on 8085kHz. All well and good, except that E05 has now gone!"

Onto Peter's excellent log of this station:

184 were strong signals with key clicks and were sent on the following frequencies and times:

2051Z 01/06 2031Z 01/06     262 61 x2
2050Z 05/06 2030Z 05/06     617 229x2 longer than usual message
2030Z 08/07 2050Z 08/06 2011Z 08/06 617 229x2
    2030Z 15/06 2010Z 15/06 754 251x2 long msg
2050Z 19/06     2010Z 19/06 754 251x2 long msg
        2010Z 26/06 477 231x2 v.strong sigs no key clicks
    2030Z 22/06 2010Z 22/06 184 184 184 000 v strong clean sigs
2030Z 26/06 2030Z 26/06 2010Z 26/06 477 231x2
2050Z 29/06 2030Z 29/06 2010Z 29/06 477 231x2


184 not heard in July

462 produced some weak endings:

5788kHz     6856kHz     8084kHz     dk/gc
1740Z 01/06   1720Z 01/06   1700Z 06/01   2376 145x2
1740Z 07/06   1720Z 07/06         5073 144x2 [5788kHz very weak]
1740Z 08/06   1720Z 08/06   1700Z 06/08   3176 139x2 strong sigs key clicks
1740Z 18/06   1720Z 18/06   1700Z 18/06 * 6429 142 [6856k strongest signal]
1740Z 22/06   1720Z 22/06 [1707Z 22/06 vy weak]       4826 141x2 weak barely readable
1740Z 29/06 wk 1720Z 29/06         3018 145x2

*Uses 8064kHz in anticipation of E05 using 8084kHz. That schedule since defunct.

505 messages as follows:

16032kHz   17532kHz   dk/gc
0720Z 10/06     505 505 505 000
0720Z 17/06     505 505 505 000
0720Z 24/06 0741Z 24/06 148 205x2 17532k stronger sig, S9+
0721Z 01/07      
0720Z 08/07 0740Z 08/07 5907 59x2 BC QRM to 17M freq


731 produced some clean strong sigs:

12123kHz   14364kHz   15726kHz     dk/gc
    2040Z 01/06 2020Z 01/06   731 731 731 000
    2040Z 05/06 2020Z 05/06   9816 48x2 strong sigs,
    2040Z 08/06 2020Z 08/06   9816 48x2 v strong clean sigs
2100Z 19/06 2040Z 19/06       6712 67x2 strong clean sigs
2100Z 22/06 2040Z 22/06 2020Z 22/06   6712 67x2
    2040Z 26/06 2020Z 26/06   731 731 731 000
        2020Z 29/06   731 731 731 000 v strong, no clicks

731 not heard in July.

Another M12 was heard calling 510 510 510 000 on 12147kHz 2121Z 19/06 as well as on 26/07. Not around Friday nights. 13534kHz 2100Z 26/06 saw M12 over riding an E10 YL calling EZI a Khz lower.


Sent in ICW and constantly changes times and frequencies, usually between 3.8 and 12MHz. Sent circa 9wpm usually very strong in UK. If you are observing M13 please offer us your log in exchange for the next months expected freqs.

Anon of UK made this interesting remark about M13, "Since 1st July started using hand sent morse, I have never in the 5 years I have logged it, heard it hand sent before. I wonder why, perhaps the machine has broken and they cannot afford to repair it.

7722kHz 0300Z 05/07 [254 (R5) BT 212 20 BT]
10371kHz 2000Z 06/08 [517 (R5) (Heavy RTTY blocking M13)]
11054kHz 2000Z 02/07 [517 (R5)] wk 16/07 [517 (R5) BT 207 34 BT (vy weak signal)]
11612kHz 2000Z 19/06 [517 (R5) BT 2.. .3 BT ]
12884kHz 2000Z 05/07 [253 (R5) (too weak for copy)]
12325kHz 2000Z 17/06 [ 261 (R5) BT 244 21 BT]
12752kHz 2000Z 13/07 [714 (R5) BT 202 22 BT] 2000Z 26/07 [714 (R5) BT 202 22 BT]
13157kHz 2000Z 28/06 [714 (R5) BT 201 21 BT]


Anon of UK also mentions, "There is one M13 ID that I cannot list, 123, as it does not have any set times or frequencies. If anyone hears it at all I would like to know. The only logs I have of it are:

Sunday 2 May 1999 Time 2000Z Message 114 124 Groups Frequency 5315kHz
Friday 7 May 1999 Time 2000Z Message 115 60 Groups Frequency 5315kHz
Thursday 2 June 2000 Time 2000Z Message 134 52 Groups Frequency 5422kHz
Monday 2 April 2001 Time 0800Z Message 143 138 Groups Frequency 9998kHz


Please send details of hearing this station via E2k using the usual methods. Thanks AnonUK."


Transmits on the first and third Friday of the month, ICW, MCW and machine sent.

Peter of Saffron Walden notes:

11425kHz 1900Z 06/07 [256 256 256 00000]

"As expected the first Friday of the month brings the M14 MCW. A very strong signal, carrier was on at 1847Z."

10635kHz 2000Z 06/07 repeat of 1900Z transmission.

« Second sending of 1900Z transmission, even stronger than the first sending. When I tuned across 10635kHz later the carrier was still on, finally going QRT at 2042Z. »


There is a regular M14A transmission every Friday at 1900Z on around 4620kHz.


ICW auto, usually VVVx3 8BY followed by 3 fig each group separated by (/).

Occasionally hand sent.

7668, 12075, 12169, 12283, 14433, 14925, 14931, 18415, 20946kHz

10248kHz 2150Z 28/07 [161/195/682/353/429] //14931kHz
14931kHz 2150Z 28/07 [161/195/682/353/429] //10248kHz


Of this station Takashi of Nagasaki writes, 'Unable to hear M18 on 4073kHz at all for more than two months.' Certainly looks as though that is the flavour for this one world wide, with no reports coming in.


Russian Air Defense, can be heard still on 4560 and 6330kHz in dirty CW during the East Asian evening. Sending "BT991303??8?????" at 0906z. UTC+4hrs. Moscow time? Unbelievable! Its time isn't accurate.[Takashi of Nagasaki].


4XZ reported by LP as:

10047kHz 2143Z 08/06 [VVV de 4XZ R3 BT BT] strong sigs.


Has been heard at 2000Z on 5155kHz sending 123

As well as:

8307kHz 0800Z 12/07 [579 R10 // 9285kHz]
9210kHz 0300Z 15/07 [111 (R10) (stops-null sked)]


These 30 to 40wpm transmissions continue:

7304kHz 0831Z 14/08 [528 (R4) 704x2 199x2 BTx2]
8157kHz 0830Z 03/07 [469 (R4) 753x2 111x2 BTx2]
9360kHz 0830Z 26/06 [937 (R4) 201x2 63x2 BTx2]
9362kHz 0830Z 20/06 [937 (R4) 408x2 173x2 BTx2]
9369kHz 0830Z 19/06 [937 (R4) 408x2 173x2 BTx2]
9418kHz 0800Z 14/08 [528 (R4) 704x2 199x2 BTx2]
10443kHz 0800Z 03/07 [469 (R4) 753x2 111x2 BTx2]
11636kHz 0800Z 26/06 [937 (R4) 201x2 63x2 BTx2]
12184kHz 0030Z 27/06 [675 (R4) 940x2 165x2 BTx2]
  2148Z 01/07 [652 (R4) 831x2 249x2 BTx2]
12228kHz 2310Z 21/06 [374 (R4) 268x2 195x2 BTx2]
  2230Z 02/07 [374 (R4) 502x2 191x2 BTx2 rpt28/06]
  2230Z 12/07 [374 (R4) 690x2 113x2 BTx2]
13531kHz 0033Z 12/07 [843 (R4) 250x2 197x2 BTx2]
13838kHz 2230Z 09/08 [289 (R4) 374x2 196x2 BTx2]
13852kHz 0031Z 28/06 [715 (R4) 302x2 171x2 BTx2]
13952kHz 0039Z 21/06 [715 (R4) 860x2 237x2 BTx2]
14514kHz 0030Z 14/08 [375 (R4) 468x2 119x2 BTx2]
14532kHz 0000Z 12/07 [675x3 00000 (R4)]
14578kHz 2200Z 12/07 [374 (R4) 690x2 113x2 BTx2] rpt 12228kHz 2230Z 12/07
14843kHz 2110Z 14/07 [652x3 00000 (R4)]
15672kHz 0000Z 09/08 [496x3 00000 (R4) (null sked)]
16023kHz 0000Z 05/07 [843 (R4) 796x2 115x2 BTx2]rpt 13531kHz 0030Z
  0000Z 12/07 [843 (R4) 250x2 197x2 BTx2]
16218kHz 2200Z 06/08 [289x3 00000 (null sked)] 09/08 [289 (R4) 374x2 196x2 BTx2]
  0000Z 14/08 [375 (R4) 468x2 119x2 BTx2]
17544kHz 0000Z 26/06 [407x3 00000 (R4)]


ICW in three formats, freqs around 3 to 6MHz with speed of 12wpm

5650kHz 0600Z 17/07 [15 33 16 0800=88784]
  1200Z 17/07 [15 33 16 0800=88784]
5660kHz 0630Z 03/07  
5750kHz 0630Z 17/07 [15 33 16 0800=88784]
  1230Z 17/07 [15 33 16 0800=88784]
6630kHz 0600Z 17/07 [73 35 3 0800=87467]
6730kHz 0630Z 17/07 [73 35 3 0800=87467]


Anon of UK contacted us to suggest these times and freqs where he has heard weak signals on a Monday:

5310kHz 0800Z
5410kHz 0830Z

heard active in the past up to 9th October, 2000.


One heard in the Uk is on at 1700Z on 12300kHz, and 1730Z on 16100kHz[CQ 515].

Not on every day. 2000Z on 10642kHz [CQ 747]

This station changes its frequencies in March, May, Sept and Nov.

Anon of UK makes this helpful comment on receiving M40 in GB: "In the last NL you mentioned some frequencies for M40. I don't think that any of those are audible in the UK. It is still active but not every day. The frequencies that I can hear are:

1700Z 12300kHz CQ 515  
1730Z 16100kHz CQ 515  
2000Z 10620kHz CQ 747 "

Thanks Anon of UK most helpful.

In addition to the above Takashi makes this most valid comment, 'Although the North Korean AM numbers went QRT completely last year, M40 and M82, North Korean CW numbers, can be heard occasionally.'


5074kHz 1702Z 28/07 [074-614/38=30487] 5474kHz NRH


A new designation of M50a has been registered. This variant sends 20 group messages.

Anon of UK writes:

M50A is on at 1930Z on 5372kHz. It is not always on every night. It was on last night
( Wednesday 11/07 ), again the sending was awful.
They sent a message of 40 groups, without a space in the whole message. Also as the sending was so bad I could only make out about 50% of the figures. I am sure no one could make any sense out of it, so I wonder what the purpose of it is. If it was for training, surely things should improve. The M50 I heard 4 years ago, the sending never improved at all, yet all the M1 M1B and M45 ops are very good

M53 Renumbered M40.


5031kHz 0800Z 12/07 [L8KT DE LPWP QTC 11 20 12 1000]


We last mentioned that this series of SLHFM's have been heard world wide and reported as such on these frequencies: 3195kHz R, 3594kHz, 3658kHz V, 4558kHz F&M, 4878kHz V, 5466kHz R, 7039kHz F&M, 8495kHz Unid.

John Maky noticed the strange 'CHH' being sent and askes if anyone has any ideas about that.

10872kHz 0235Z 13/07 [SLHFM "S" and "CHH"]
16332kHz 0235Z 13/07 [SLHFM "S" and "CHH"]

Although John monitored this transmission two days later, and some 4 hours earlier, note absence of 'CHH':

16332kHz 2210Z 15/07 [SLHFM "S"]


'C' Marker heard at 2113Z on 15/07 on the following frequencies:
5154kHz, 7039kHz, 8495kHz, 10872kHz, 13528kHz and 16332kHz
[This info from Ary Boender]

Takashi in Nagasaki sends the following interesting observations: The irregular letters transmissions in CW such as "FFUFRSURUFAFUSUFFIIUAF" have been heard a lot on 3594, 5154, 8495, 10528 and 13528kHz since the beginning of this July. Unable to hear usual "F" and "M" on these freq. Are these are coming from Vladivostok and suffering malfunctioning?

K ", very slow keying CW with a distinctive hum, has been occasionally heard on 5154, 10528 and 13528kHz. Unable to confirm 4558 and 7039kHz because of heavy QRM from North Korean clandestine (4557kHz) plus South Korean jamming and Hams.

We acknowledge the use of 'Spooks' in the production of this column.

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